“The Global Datasphere will grow from 45 Zettabytes (ZB) in 2019 to 175ZB by 2025.” – International Data Corporation (IDC)

As data proliferates, traditional data protection tools have fallen into the shadow of comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) solutions that spearhead every CISO’s objective of ensuring complete visibility and security of data at rest, in use, and in motion.

Enterprises need easier methods to continuously categorize, evaluate, and secure their ever-growing data stores. This is because a large share of enterprise data is likely to be intellectual property, personally identifiable information, or some other form of sensitive data that has to be protected at all costs.

However, rushing to implement the first off-the-shelf DLP solution you find isn’t the answer. One size does not fit all, and clinging to antiquated approaches to data protection or implementing a massive solution that far exceeds your organization’s needs is never advisable. In fact, making either of these mistakes could be the cybersecurity pitfall that collapses your defenses.

To help, we’ve drafted a comprehensive DLP guide that discusses:

      • The “risk acceptance” approach to data security.
      • The capabilities that you should look for in DLP software.
      • How to choose the right DLP solution for your enterprise.
      • The six best practices to follow while implementing your DLP tool.

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About DataSecurity Plus, ManageEngine’s data loss prevention solution

DataSecurity Plus is a unified data visibility and security platform that performs file server auditing, file analysis, data risk assessment, data leak prevention, and cloud protection.

With DataSecurity Plus’ data loss prevention capabilities, you can create and enforce tailored DLP policies that will help your organization prevent the exposure of business-critical data. Get started with DataSecurity Plus today with a free, 30-day trial.