With many of today’s businesses functioning at a global scale, some employees find themselves constantly traveling. Amidst the chaos of travel, it’s only natural to forget login credentials, especially when switching between many applications.

No matter where your employees are, they still need access to company resources. Administrators need a way to ensure hassle-free work, even if employees forget their passwords when away from the company’s network. The most efficient way to do this is to deploy a web-based password management tool that helps users reset their own passwords, even when they’re on the move.

This is where ADSelfService Plus comes into play.

ADSelfService Plus enables users to easily access their work from anywhere

Learn how users who’ve forgotten their passwords when outside the network can regain access:

  1. When remote users forget their passwords, they can use the GINA/CP client in ADSelfService Plus to reset their passwords from the logon screen of their machines.
  2. ADSelfService Plus resets the password in Active Directory, and the new password is received by the GINA/CP client.
  3. The GINA/CP client establishes a secure connection with Active Directory through the VPN client and initiates a request for updating the cached credentials using the user’s new credentials.
  4. Once the request is approved by Active Directory, the GINA/CP client updates the cached password with the new password in the user’s local machine.

Should you decide to switch to a different VPN provider, ADSelfService Plus has you covered. Apart from supporting popular VPN providers like Fortinet, Cisco IPSec, and Windows Native VPN, ADSelfService Plus also extends support to other VPN providers for updating cached credentials. As long as the provider is command-line based, all you need to configure the new VPN provider is the executable (EXE) file of the VPN provider software and server details of where the VPN is hosted. Once you’ve met these criteria and have ADSelfService Plus in place, end users will seldom face any password-related hassles, even when away from the organization’s network.

Want to learn more? Download your free, 30-day trial of ADSelfService Plus to explore the many features yourself.