Find out which of your employees pose the greatest security risk

Among the different types of cyberattacks, insider threats are the hardest to track and have the highest rate of success. This can be attributed to their use, or rather misuse, of legitimate credentials, machines, and access privileges.

Traditional SIEM solutions …

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Detecting first time processes on member servers to protect against attacks

In a previous blog, we saw how ADAudit Plus’ user behavior analytics (UBA) capabilities allow administrators to monitor user logon activity to identify compromised accounts. UBA in ADAudit Plus can also help you track any unusual process on member …

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Monitoring user logon activity to identify compromised accounts

In a previous blog, we saw how ADAudit Plus’ user behavior analytics (UBA) capabilities allow administrators to monitor the file activity of users to identify anomalies. UBA in ADAudit Plus can also aid in identifying compromised accounts by monitoring …

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Unmask malicious insiders with user behavior analytics

Insider threats are both the most successful way to exfiltrate sensitive business data and the hardest cyberattack to detect. This is because these attacks are carried out using legitimate credentials, machines, and access privileges. Simple perimeter defense or rule-based monitoring …

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[Infographic]Three tips to simplify Active Directory compliance and auditing

In the previous blog of this series, “[Infographic] Still manually onboarding users into Active Directory? There’s a better way!“, we discussed the tips and tricks to onboard users into Active Directory. In this blog, let’s discuss what admins …

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Quick tips to ensure your Azure AD is safe from threats

Being the gatekeeper of Microsoft’s cloud solutions, Azure AD comes with a wide range of default security measures; these include insights on risky sign-ins and user accounts that are susceptible to attacks. However, limitations in the native tool, like a …

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Tracking insider threats with AI

If you thought masked hackers in dark rooms spreading malware were your only security concern, think again.

Malicious intent isn’t always the case in such incidents. Most of the time, it’s negligence or accidental disclosure of confidential data by employees …

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Account lockout and management tools

Sometimes, when you get a call regarding a password reset, you can already guess who it’s from. Most organizations have one—that one employee who somehow manages to forget their password and gets locked out of their account more than everyone …

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ADAudit Plus Voted Readers’ Choice Winner

ADAudit Plus Award
Talk about a wonderful holiday gift: Leading Windows security resource site,, recently announced that ManageEngine ADAudit Plus was voted the winner in the Network Auditing category of the 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards.

Better still, ADAudit Plus garnered …

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