What are linked mailboxes? Well, normal mailboxes on Exchange servers are only for users within that server’s associated Active Directory (AD) forest. A linked mailbox lets you deploy an Exchange server in one forest while allowing users present in various other trusted account forests to be associated with mailboxes in that Exchange server. This is the one feature that you’ll probably hold dear if your organization is involved in buying new companies, consolidating or breaking off group companies, and so on. Such organizational changes involve moving AD users to a new organization’s AD forest, consolidating AD users from different forests into one, or completely separating some AD users from their current forest.

During such critical migrations, your paramount concern would be keeping your organization’s email conversations uninterrupted. During acquisitions or consolidations, you can use linked mailboxes to associate all your users with just one Exchange environment, centralizing your company’s mailbox management. Also, with linked mailboxes your new employees can access their email using their old login credentials. Now, that’s a slam dunk!

Even in the case of companies breaking off, linked mailboxes help you migrate to a new Exchange environment in phases: first by moving just the AD objects to a new environment while they’re still associated with the old Exchange environment, and then by associating them with a new Exchange server.

So, how do you make a linked mailbox?

ADManager Plus makes it astoundingly easy to create a linked mailbox. Using the new linked mailbox creation feature, you can create a linked mailbox in just a few clicks. You can even create templates with pre-configured properties to help standardize your mailboxes. Once created, you can use these templates as the base for creating future linked mailboxes. ADManager Plus also has provisions for configuring the mailbox properties of individual linked mailboxes, thereby supporting a great deal of customization.

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Benefits of ADManager Plus over native tools.

Compared to native tools, ADManager Plus lets you do some awesome things from a single console, like:

  • Create linked mailboxes from a single console without toggling between multiple tools or writing complex PowerShell scripts.
  • Standardize linked mailbox properties through linked mailbox templates.
  • Personalize your linked mailboxes using custom scripts and additional attributes.

And much more.

Can’t believe that it’s so simple to create a linked mailbox? Download our 30-day, free trial here and find out for yourself. I’m sure if you do, you’ll find it as easy as a pie.