Common mistakes administrators make when applying GPOs – Part 1

Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy (GP) is are essential components of most enterprises, so it goes without saying that making changes to AD and GP should be done with care. Thus,over the next few blogs I will be covering …

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Optimize GPO processing, Part 1: How does Group Policy work?

Group Policy is a great mechanism for deploying numerous settings across different Active Directory (AD) objects. But AD can become cluttered over time as more Group Policy Objects (GPOs) become unused and disabled, leading to inefficient GPO processing. In this …

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How to easily find a GPO’s Administrative Template settings

I’d like to propose a challenge for all you users working with native Active Directory tools: find a way to change the period of inactivity before Windows begins hibernating for every system on your entire domain.

Here’s a clue: …

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Common mistakes administrators make when applying GPOs – Part 3

Although it’s not directly related to the application of Group Policy Objects (GPOs), administrators typically do not back up their GPOs so they can recover in case of a disaster. In fact, Microsoft only provides limited control over GPO backup …

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Manage Active Directory from ServiceDesk Plus? Now you can!

Why don’t help desk applications manage Active Directory (AD)? Given the wide array of features that ITSM tools natively offer, it seems like AD management should be packaged into them too. Without AD management tools built into their help desks, …

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Six-step business workflow implementation using ADManager Plus 


Do you need a way to manage your organization’s business workflow? Are you worried that you don’t have a big enough budget to implement a business workflow in your organization? Well, you’re in luck—we’ve made the ADManager Plus license

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Curb password fatigue and improve cloud apps’ security using single sign-on

Secure single sign-on solution for enterprise cloud applications.

Remembering passwords can be maddening, since they can no longer be as simple as a pet’s name or your favorite color. With rising occurrences of cyber attacks, organizations can’t take any risks by letting users set up weak passwords. But …

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Tackling the top four Active Directory challenges faced by IT help desks

During the course of their daily activities, IT help desks face several challenges. Among those challenges, the four most difficult are:

  •  User provisioning and deprovisioning
  • Delegation
  • Auditing and security
  • Monitoring an Active Directory (AD) environment

On the face of it, …

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Common mistakes administrators make when applying GPOs – Part 2

As a result of administrators not designing Active Directory (AD) well, further poor decisions are made when applying Group Policy Objects (GPOs). What I often see is that administrators will use security filtering for GPOs to target which objects will …

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