Office 365 help desk delegation with O365 Manager Plus

While Office 365 lets you work from anywhere around the globe, the management features it provides are often insufficient. When an organization is spread across multiple countries, it’s difficult for one administrator to single-handedly manage every user and mailbox.


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5 crucial facts that you must know about identity and access management

IAM is IT-centric.

Identity and access management (IAM) may appear easy to some, but in reality, it is very tricky. Proper IAM is the key to a healthy environment because it provides the ability to create, manage, and delete objects. …

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Six reasons why snapshots can’t replace virtual machine backups

What is a snapshot?

A snapshot captures the active configuration, memory, and storage system of a virtual machine. Any change made to VMs after a snapshot is created is written on the snapshot while the actual VM hard disk

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Single sign-on (SSO) for the cloud

Nearly every organization has some cloud-based application. Of course the common cloud apps include Microsoft Azure, Office 365, G Suite, those from Zoho and Salesforce, and more. As administrators, we want to make our jobs more efficient and we also …

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5 things to keep in mind before backing up your VMware virtual machines

The architecture of a virtual machine differs vastly from traditional on-premises environments, and requires different data backup techniques and pre-backup operations. This post will explain some of the things administrators have to keep in mind before backing up their 

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Best practices for Active Directory backup and recovery

It’s easy to make Active Directory (AD) administrators uncomfortable. Just ask them about their disaster recovery plan. When faced with this question, most AD administrators will only tell you about their object recovery plan. Only a few

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Approval workflow: Supervise self-service in Active Directory

Are you comfortable giving end users the power to update their own information in Active Directory? Definitely not! 

Are you willing to take on the responsibility of updating user information and managing users’ passwordsNot only is 

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The case for incident management in a SIEM system

Log360‘s latest incident management system is the perfect bridge between your incident detection and response processes. The feature comes in handy for security administrators and the various agents who investigate and resolve security issues.

Imagine you’re the security administrator …

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[Free Webinar] Awesome Active Directory password controls

Active Directory passwords are easy to crack. Since the password controls have not changed in over 15 years, attackers have been given ample opportunity to develop successful strategies for cracking passwords. We all have the same vulnerability with regard to …

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