Operation panopticon: How a weak IAM strategy led to the security camera hack across organizations

On March 9, 2021, Verkada, a software company that specializes in making security cameras for monitoring physical access control, was subject to a security hack.

Hackers gained access to the video feed of at least 15 thousand cameras deployed across …

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The road ahead: McKinsey’s top 5 cybersecurity predictions for 2021 and beyond


What is a bigger threat to mankind: nuclear weapons or cybercrime? While most would say nuclear weapons, Warren Buffett says cybercrime would take the cake. If the revenue generated by cybercrime were measured as a country, then cybercrime, which is …

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Azure security 101: Security essentials, logs, authentication, and more

Where necessity speaks, it demands”. This old saying seems particularly apt right now with the pandemic forcing organizations to completely change the way they think about their IT networks. That rapid shift to remote work has resulted in a …

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Windows logon auditing: Everything you need to know in only 10 minutes [Free e-book]

Windows logon auditing e-book

User logon activity needs to be audited to meet various security, operational, and compliance requirements of an IT environment, such as:

  • Detecting suspicious activities like a high volume of logon failures.

  • Tracking the active and idle time spent by users

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Ransomware in 2021: What has changed? Detection and mitigation strategy

A ransomware attack is a bug that we can’t shake off. Or perhaps, it can even be called a shape-shifter that somehow finds a way into networks, no matter how many armed sentries you’ve deployed in and around your perimeter.…

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Security operations center, Part 3: Finding your weakest link

Any organization with data assets is a possible target for an attacker. Hackers use various forms of advanced cyberattack techniques to obtain valuable company data; in fact, a study by the University of Maryland showed that a cyberattack takes place …

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Dangerous defaults that put your IT environment at risk: IT security under attack

In this blog in the “IT security under attack” series, we wanted to shed some light on an unfamiliar and seldom discussed topic in IT security: the default, out-of-the-box configurations in IT environments that may be putting your network and …

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Free Active Directory management tools: Part 5 – Replication, domain controller roles, and monitoring

Replicate information between domain controllers (DCs), identify the roles assigned to the domain controllers in your Active Directory (AD) environment, and monitor your domain controllers based on the parameters you require with the following free tools.

 AD Replication Manager

When …

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Free Active Directory management tools: Part 4 – Terminal Session Manager and Last Logon Finder

When your machine throws a “the server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections” message or when user accounts go stale, it’s up to the IT administrators to handle it. However, this is often easier said than done, especially …

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