The Windows LDAP bind security vulnerability you should know about

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is used by directory clients to access data held by directory servers. Clients and applications authenticate with Windows Active Directory (AD) using LDAP bind operations.

There are different kinds of LDAP bind operations, including:…

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Why log archival is important for network security

Network devices like workstations, servers, routers, and firewalls generate a large volume of logs every day. These digital bread crumbs can be your greatest ally in network security; following them could point you towards potential data breaches and network vulnerabilities. …

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Free end-user password management tool to help businesses operate seamlessly while workforces are remote

COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). As a precautionary measure for the safety of employees, most organizations are adopting mandatory work from home policy.

However, for many companies, this is an unprecedented hurdle. They …

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All you need to know about NIST password guidelines

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a physical sciences laboratory and a non-regulatory agency of the United States Department of Commerce, recently released their guidelines for password security. Some of them are contrary to what we’ve come …

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Securing IT in healthcare organizations: All you need to know

From maintaining electronic health records and generating medical reports, to carrying out robot-assisted surgeries and setting up online doctor-patient communication portals, the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly reliant on technology to effectively carry out day-to-day operations. While incorporating advanced technology …

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Users and passwords: Their behavior, your responsibility

A team of researchers studied a group of users of different age groups, gender, and fields of work/study to see their behavioral patterns while handling passwords. The study involved an online survey and an experiment where users were asked to …

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IT security: Keep calm and monitor PowerShell 

In our last release of the PowerShell security series, we talked about how PowerShell could be leveraged by malicious actors to gain unprecedented access to your organization’s critical assets. From enumerating sensitive domain information and carrying out credential-based attacks to …

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How business continuity is affected by poor password management [Webinar]

Passwords play an important role in authenticating users in an organization. As an IT admin, you’d hope that employees would understand the importance of password management and be more meticulous, but often, that’s not the case. Implementing strong password management …

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Is your business PCI DSS compliant? 

How Chooseus Life Insurance lost its customers’ cardholder details and their trust

In August 2019, reporters began flocking to Chooseus Life Insurance’s head office in Detroit after news leaked that thousands of the company’s customers had lost money due to …

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