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Five reasons to choose Log360, part 4: Advanced security features

Part two and part three of this blog series gave a detailed look at Log360’s in-depth auditing capabilities, while part one explained how easy the product is to set up and use. But SIEM is about more than just auditing; …

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Agent Smith materializes from the matrix of Android malware

There’s a new shapeshifting strain of Android malware in the mix. It replaces legitimate apps with compromised ones and is imaginatively named Agent Smith after the iconic villain in The Matrix.

Yet another malware attack targeting Android—so what’s the

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday July 2019: Six publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, two zero-day flaws

The much awaited Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates for July 2019 are here. If you’re a sysadmin, you probably know what this means for you: a week full of testing and deploying updates and troubleshooting patch failures, and then another week …

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Five reasons to choose Log360, part 3: Comprehensive network auditing

In the previous post, we discussed the various environments that Log360 helps you audit and secure. Having established the ease of Log360’s use and the breadth of its auditing scope, now we’ll examine some of the critical areas it …

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Five worthy reads: Educating the education sector on cybersecurity

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. This week, we discuss the state of cybersecurity in the education sector. 

Making up more than 6 percent of the gross …

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Why litigation holds are not a viable alternative to backups

Microsoft does not provide backup and recovery tools for its Office 365 services and has no plans to include them in the future. Some organizations use litigation holds as a substitute for email data protection, but this method doesn’t meet …

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Monitoring user logon activity to identify compromised accounts

In a previous blog, we saw how ADAudit Plus’ user behavior analytics (UBA) capabilities allow administrators to monitor the file activity of users to identify anomalies. UBA in ADAudit Plus can also aid in identifying compromised accounts by monitoring …

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Five reasons to choose Log360, part 2: Multi-environment support

In the previous post of this series, we looked at how easy it is to get Log360 up and running due to its various deployment features and easy-to-use UI. Today, we’ll dive into the solution’s wide range of support for …

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Top three reasons passwords are here to stay as the primary form of authentication

Yahoo and cell phone companies like Samsung wanted to kill passwords in 2005 and 2014 respectively, yet in 2019 most of us are still logging on to various platforms using passwords. Passwords have been an essential part of authentication from …

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