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Spice up your Spiceworks help desk with Patch Manager Plus plug-in for deploying software update

Spiceworks offers an array of plug-ins for its help desk application. One of the latest additions to Spiceworks’ App Center is the Patch Manager Plus plug-in, which helps technicians breathe easier when it comes to patch-related tickets.

Accessing Patch

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Tighten Windows security with two-factor authentication

A few decades ago, organizations were content knowing their network resources were password protected. With the increasing number of security breaches and digital crime, being password protected doesn’t carry as much weight as it once did.

According to Verizon’s 2018 

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Learn how Applications Manager can help monitor the performance of Microsoft apps at Ignite 2018

It’s time again for Microsoft Ignite!

Thousands of the tech industry’s brightest minds will descend on Orlando next week, looking for conversations on trending topics and seeking solutions to some of their most complex IT challenges.

One of the most …

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There’s more to password security than hashed passwords

In 1967 Roger Needham, one of the first computer scientists to emphasize the need for computer security, invented the method of storing a hashed version of plaintext passwords. To this day, we still use this method to keep our passwords …

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Chrome’s removing the “Secure” label from HTTPS sites—but why? 

Gone are the days when the green “Secure” label stood to distinguish legitimate websites from potentially malicious ones. Shortly after marking all HTTP sites with a “Not Secure” badge earlier this year, Google has now stepped up to remove …

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Five worthy reads: Is your business safe from business email compromise?

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. This week, we highlight the rising impact of man-in-the-email attacks on global businesses. 

In case you weren’t aware, email isn’t as …

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Instantly restore AD objects to any previous version

There are multiple reasons for restoring an Active Directory (AD) object to a previous version, such as a script error, deletion of the object, or an accidental modification. Unfortunately, the native AD backup and restore utility tools from Microsoft fail …

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Patch Tuesday updates for September 2018

Patch Tuesday updates for Sep 2018

The September edition of Patch Tuesday includes fixes from Microsoft for 61 security issues. Of these issues, three include zero-day vulnerabilities and 17 are marked as critical.

 Patch Tuesday updates for Microsoft products

 This month’s Patch Tuesday covers updates for …

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Why mobile device management will enhance enterprise IT security 

Technological advancements aren’t hard to find. Just look at how huge CRT monitor computers have turned into slim, weightless laptops—or how brick-sized cellular phones have become small, powerful smartphones. Those very same smartphones and other mobile devices are having a …

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