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How to secure your network from a Ryuk ransomware attack

Universal Health Services (UHS), a Fortune 500 company and healthcare services provider, has reportedly shut down systems at facilities throughout the United States after the Ryuk ransomware hit its network on September 27, according to an article on the Health

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CISA’s recommendations to recognize and avoid email scams [E-book]

Email has always been a popular tool for business communications. Unfortunately, it is also one of the weakest links in an organization’s security strategy. 94 percent of all cybersecurity incidents originate from emails.

As organizations all over the world have …

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Vabi gains total visibility into its network using OpManager and Firewall Analyzer

Vabi is a Netherlands-based company that provides “real estate data in order, for everyone.” Since 1972, the company has focused on making software that calculates the performance of buildings. Nine out of 10 utility buildings in the country have been …

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Avert cyberattacks against MFA using FBI-recommended countermeasures [Webinar]


With the rise of remote work, multi-factor authentication (MFA) has become more essential than ever. MFA can be used to protect authentications happening on different resources like workstations, VPNs, and enterprise applications. MFA effectively stops credential-based attacks, as it requires …

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Solve storage monitoring woes with OpManager

Data in your enterprise organization doubles almost every year, and data multiplication at this pace requires boosting your storage capacity. But when the magnitude of data size increases, latency or performance lags are inevitable.

You can outsource your storage infrastructure …

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3 simple ways to drastically reduce Active Directory administration costs [E-book]

Any Active Directory (AD) administrator knows that managing AD using just native tools is a chore. To make matters worse, today’s IT environments are more diverse than ever. Increasing cloud adoption coupled with remote work has made identity and access …

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The Building Company: “Building” the future with OpManager

The Building Company: “Building” the future with OpManager
The Building Company serves the full spectrum of the construction industry including the residential, commercial, and industrial markets. The retail activities of the company are provided through 124 outlets throughout Southern Africa. Operations are located in major centers in South …

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IT security under attack blog series: Instant domain persistence by registering a rogue domain controller

In this blog in the IT security under attack series, we will learn about an advanced Active Directory (AD) domain controller (DC) attack to obtain persistence in AD environments.

Dubbed DCShadow, this is a late-stage kill chain attack that …

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6 ways to use analytics to deliver an exceptional end-user experience: Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our three-part blog series on leveraging analytics to deliver an exceptional end-user experience. In the last part, we discussed two key points: how to gauge the effectiveness of your support forms using analytics, …

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