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[E-book] How to detect and respond to cryptojacking attacks

Did you know that while the world was grappling with the effects of the pandemic, attackers were zealously draining the resources of unsuspecting victims to mine cryptocurrency?

The SonicWall Cyber Threat Report released earlier this year reveals that:

  • 2021 saw

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Five worthy reads: Internet of Behavior–Snooping through the digital debris

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. This week we are exploring Internet of Behavior, which can help organizations make the best decisions in providing a customized experience …

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[E-book] Top 4 best practices for compliance management

It’s better to avoid manual handling of compliance management in a large network enterprise for two major reasons:

  1. If a device is non-compliant, admins may face heat and tremendous management overload, because their enterprise could be fined heavily and the

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Uber data breach 2022: How the hacker annoyed his way into the network (and our learnings)

On Sept. 15, Uber Technologies Inc. was breached by an 18-year-old. The hacker purchased an employee’s stolen credentials from the dark web and pushed a flood of multi-factor authentication (MFA) requests and fake IT messages to them in hopes …

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Java application performance metrics 101

Since it first emerged, Java has had a phenomenal rise in usage and popularity. It’s ability to be robust and platform-independent has enabled it to rule the application development world by providing internet solutions for businesses across industries.

Any organization …

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Happy IT Professionals Day! A huge shoutout to all the IT pros

It’s the coolest day of the year again—time to honor and celebrate the people who work behind the scenes to keep our businesses running: IT professionals!

Established in 2015, IT Professionals Day is celebrated each year on the third Tuesday …

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Configuration change management process best practices

Nowadays, with growing infrastructure and increased complexity, it’s near impossible to manage configuration changes manually. Let’s look at an example scenario. Imagine you are the network admin of a large enterprise network handling 5,000 devices. You cannot remember the configuration …

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[Indonesia seminar] Why it’s crucial to implement AIOps in today’s ITOM

Due to the growing popularity of digital platforms among a wider range of industries, ITOps teams are facing an increasing number of challenges in monitoring, data correlation, and data management. Today’s ITOps have to be dynamic and collaborative to face …

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5 common Java performance problems and how to avoid them using java monitoring tools

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages and it’s often used by back-end developers as a server-side language. It’s used by über-famous applications like Spotify, Twitter, Signal, and Cash App. Java has evolved immensely over the years …

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