Windows Phone Support Added to Desktop Central’s MDM Menu

Windows Phone Support

Mobile devices are an integral part of today’s enterprises. And, Windows phones are gaining traction in many ​organizations. Therefore, it’s essential to manage them to keep corporate data safe. If  IT teams were to manage these devices manually, it would be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. However, teams that adopt Desktop Central can ensure hassle-free device management.


Desktop Central provides the following features that simplify Windows phone management to a great extent:

  • Supported OS – Window 8.0 and Windows 8.1
  • Profile configuration – Configure policy framework to provide device access
  •  Asset tracking – Track device details at a granul

Desktops vs. Mobile Devices: The Battle for the Future

Desktops vs. Mobile Devices


IT consumerization is all the rage. Growing numbers of tech-savvy employees are bringing their smart gadgets and apps to work, driving trends from BYOD and BYOA to BYOx. While the mobile grass looks greener, we at ManageEngine wanted to better understand our customers’ views on desktop computer usage and their views on mobile device and desktop compatibility.

To that end, we conducted a global survey of IT admins to understand how IT teams are responding to the challenges of managing mobile devices and desktops together. Our survey asked questions about:

  • How IT departments are adapting to IT consumerization trends
  • What level of awareness the typical  IT team has regarding device usage patterns

BYOD 2.0: The next phase of Mobile Devices and their impact on enterprises in 2014



The rate at which technologies are evolving is so rapid that the current technology is becoming ‘a thing of the past’ within a few months of its introduction in the market. Such a quick trend shift happens a lot, especially in the area of mobile devices. Yet technology advancements continue to drive economic growth in changing the way we work and live.  The technological innovations in mobile devices are creating new opportunities for users and challenges for enterprises.

Imagine how when supercomputers were first introduced to perform computational tasks, the machines occupied a vast amount of space. Today, computational power has been transformed into a smart phone that fits in a palm, wh…

Ready to Master BYOD for Maximum Business Impact? Read Our Latest White Paper.


As mobile devices continue to replace PCs in the workplace, we are witnessing an unprecedented increase in enterprise mobility. Today, smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous, and employees can access most of their business applications while on the go. Education, manufacturing, and health care are a few of the industries that have responded well to the mobile trend, allowing employees to securely access corporate  data from personal and company-owned mobile devices securely.

Our latest white paper, “Leveraging BYOD,” analyzes the unique challenges involved with personal mobile devices — also known as BYOD or “bring your own device”  — as well as the ways t…

“Managing Samsung SAFE Devices with Desktop Central” – Register for the Webinar Now!


With the worldwide boom in mobile devices, employees in enterprises of every size are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets for work-related tasks. In response, the Samsung SAFE (SAmsung For Enterprise) initiative ensures the safety of work-related data by enabling enterprise-class security and mobile device management for Samsung Galaxy devices.

In our upcoming webinar, “Managing Samsung SAFE Devices with Desktop Central,” you’ll learn how ManageEngine Desktop Central has partnered with Samsung to leverage the enhanced security and manageability offered by SAFE devices. You’ll also discover how to manage SAFE devices and get a walk-through of the related Desktop Cen…

This Week’s Five: CIOs Making News!



This Week’s Five is a weekly column of five interesting reads from all over the web.

This week we bring you news about CIOs: what they do, how they do it, and the difference they make!

A company’s first-ever CIO catapults revenue from 6 billion to 18 billion in just four years
How often have you heard of a CIO turning the fortunes of a company? Well, here’s one who did just that, and how? By implementing some very simple IT management strategies.

How much to outsource?
One of the key responsibilities of  a CIO is deciding on outsourcing strategies. The CIO needs to be awar…

This Week’s Five: Secure Your IT, Save Your Business.


This Week’s Five is a weekly column of five interesting reads from all over the web.

This week we bring you a view of all that has created a strong buzz in the IT Security world! Read on to learn more.

 How secure is your BYOD policy?
The Ipsos-Mori survey found that 73 percent of respondents in the United States are downloading personal software and apps onto corporate-owned tablets. These might be productivity-killing apps, cloud-storage apps or worse. But you knew that, right?

How over-sharing is not caring?
Reaching thousands of customers on Facebook by dashing off a quick sentence and hittin…

Keep your Samsung SAFE devices safer!


With Android devices becoming ubiquitous at the work place, companies have started looking at the various possibilities of managing and securing these devices. For example, Samsung mobiles and tablets are increasingly used by employees to access work-related data. However, this comes with the built-in risk of leaking/losing sensitive information. Therefore, companies are apprehensive of allowing people to use these mobile devices to accomplish work-related tasks.  This scenario is just about to change, because Desktop Central has partnered with Samsung to manage SAFE – SAmsung For Enterprise devices (galaxy mobiles and tablets)!

Desktop Central’s mobile device management hel…

Desktop Central integrates with Apple Configurator


Desktop Central has taken Mobile Device Management a step forward by supporting Apple configurator for iOS. This feature requires devices to be connected to a USB dock that lets IT administrator perform tasks like configuring device settings, assigning devices to users, installing apps, and updating iOS.

Organizations can take advantage of this feature to ensure that devices are MDM configured. Apple configurator helps in deploying a base configuration in bulk on iPads and other iOS devices.

The configurator with Desktop Central is especially effective in situations wherein an organization needs to deploy identical devices to many users with same set of base configuration. For example, supplying p…

This Week’s Five: What’s trending now in IT?


This Week’s Five is a weekly column of five interesting reads from all over the web, with a different topic each week. This week, we’ll explore the latest trends in the IT market.

In the IT space, trends are dictated by:

  • Unprecedented demands for certain technologies from end users or business organizations
  • Potential for disruption to IT or the enterprise

Let’s take a sneak peak into few disruptive technology trends in 2013.

BYOD - At the highest level, there are three important things to know about BYOD: It’s here to stay and is all set to grow; the potential risks are real, so mitigation is required; and it can’t be ignored or wished away.