Ace Traits From the Tennis Court for IT Service Desk Pros


The different styles of play in ITSMClose to midnight on January 29, 2012, Novak Djokovic was down and out at the Australian Open at the soldout Rod Laver Arena. Rafael Nadal had just seized all momentum from him and was on the verge of closing out the final set, with one hand already on the first major trophy of the year. The duration of the match had already exceeded the record for the longest match in a men’s major final, and for Djokovic, this came on the heels of another five hour semifinal a couple nights before. With his back against the wall, his endurance severely tested and his skills diminishing at the same rate as his energy, Djokovic saw a ray of hope after Nadal made an uncharacteristic error. He regrouped and in an amazing display

Five Reasons Your IT Help Desk Should Move Away from Spreadsheets ASAP!


Use Spreadsheets to Crunch Numbers, Not Help Desk ProductivityIT and IT support, as we all know, have started influencing the direction of business in organizations around the world. Understanding this influence, large organizations have implemented IT help desk software to manage their IT. However, many SMEs still hesitate to implement help desk software because they lack the budget and the specialized IT staff as well as the necessary capabilities required for implementation. Instead,  they use spreadsheets to track and support issues in their IT.  What SMEs fail to realize is that help desk software delivers the maximum return on investment to these organizations and helps them increase their productivity.

IT help desk software has moved from being a

Four Overlooked But Highly Valuable Help Desk Questions


Sherlock Holmes has a unique power – the power of deduction. It doesn’t mean he is an extraordinary person, but just a normal guy who loves to observe keenly and look for details in his object of interest. In a scene of crime, Sherlock can see those details that normally pass by normal or ignorant eyes. When asked, he says “I saw it because I was looking for it.”

To know the right answer, you should know the right question. Same goes for our friends behind the IT service desk. We tend to overlook some important service desk data, because we were never looking for it in the first place. That’s the lack of right questions. Being a technician, it’s pays to have Sherlock Holmes’s ke…

2014 – A Bumper Year for ServiceDesk Plus!



As our ServiceDesk Plus team constantly focuses on what’s next, it’s easy to lose sight of how far we’ve come. Looking in the rear view, 2014 was a fantastic year for us filled with major releases/upgrades, user conferences, trade shows, webinars, major revamps and most importantly, a pioneering move of making the Standard Edition free for all our users that saw a huge spike in downloads and sign ups.

We’re also proud to see how much of our roadmap we’ve covered with numerous features and integrations guided by constant feedback from our customers.

It looks like all the milestones were reached and the successes that we enjoyed just happened overnight. …

9 Ways to Convince Users to Adopt Your Self-Service Portal


Today’s IT environment is changing rapidly and so are your customers. They are increasingly demanding and are looking for instant resolution of their tickets as well as instant access to information on your services.

Sometimes your service desk might get bombarded with calls when a user faces issues or requires a service to be delivered.This may lead to service desk missed calls or being stuck in the waiting queue.

Self Service Adoption techniques

If you’ve already invested in a self-service portal — or plan to make such an investment — now might be a good time to consider the best ways to encourage its widespread adoption by your end users. Here are nine different ways to convince your users to use the self-service portal…

ServiceDesk Plus Now Brings Advanced Analytics


This holiday season, we bring you good news: ServiceDesk Plus is now integrated with Zoho Reports. This integration will empower you to analyze and generate advanced reports on IT service desk data. Zoho Reports is an online business intelligence and reporting platform from With more than half a million satisfied users, Zoho Reports makes for an excellent reporting tool. Now, with this integration, you can import data from ServiceDesk Plus and mine for useful information.

As IT managers and their teams fight IT fires every day, the effort required to analyze service desk data becomes additional overhead. And technicians have to write complex scripts/queries to generate the right reports. Not

5 Steps to Successfully Implement an IT SLA


IT SLA-blog

Every IT manager aspires to improve performance, accelerate incident response times, reduce system downtime, and simultaneously cut service costs in his or her IT support operations. Now, if you are in the pursuit of similar goals, then look no further than an IT SLA.

An IT SLA – or IT service level agreement – is a contract between IT support and an end user within the same organization. Typically, IT SLAs establish a clear understanding of service parameters by defining the services extended, the quality standards that must be adhered to, and the timelines within which the services must be delivered. Operational level agreements (OLAs) and underpinning contracts (UCs) are agreements that the IT supp

ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk Plus Is Now PinkVERIFY-Certified



It’s been a great year for ServiceDesk Plus. We made it to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the second time in a row. And, today, we are glad to announce that ServiceDesk Plus is PinkVERIFY-certified. The PinkVERIFY program is an internationally recognized  IT service management (ITSM) toolsuite assessment service from Pink Elephant, a global leader in ITIL consulting,education, and conferences. ServiceDesk Plus, ManageEngine’s flagship product, is now certified for ITIL® V3 compatibility for incident management.

What is PinkVERIFY?

PinkVERIFY is the world’s only independent IT service management (ITSM) tool certification program that helps organizations identify the best tool

ManageEngine Unveils Revamped Web UI for ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand

SDP_New Look


In the life of a help desk technician, every second can matter. Those valuable seconds are often determined by three main drivers of the help desk interface: appearance, usability and functionality. ManageEngine has equipped ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand with a revamped UI that is thoughtfully built around those three driving factors to provide the best-in-class help desk experience.


New and unique functionality can power up a help desk and push it to the next level. The revamped ServiceDesk Plus UI incorporates a set of game-changing features that improve business productivity. Multi-level or nested business rules give you fine-grain control over workflow

itSMF India National Conference 2014: Introductions, Conversations, and Intense Learning



The annual conference of the IT service management forum (itSMF) happened in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. We were at the conference for the first time, and we met lots of new people, had interesting conversations, and learned quite a bit. We packed in a lot of learning on a single day – from Kaimar Karu’s tip on using ‘social lubricants’ for problem solving to intense panel discussions on business values of ITSM.

Several of the delegates stopped by at the ManageEngine booth and enquired about our products, especially ServiceDesk Plus. Needless to say, many of them were awestruck at the mere mention that more than 90,000 companies trusted ManageEngine to manage their