Overcoming Virtualization Management Challenges with VM Manager Plus


VM-Manager-Plus_cartoon_PPT (1)Server virtualization has become a widely-adopted technology in data centers. The ability to share all the available resources across various virtual machines (VMs) makes server virtualization highly scalable and efficient, which helps to  reduce opexApparently, Gartner found more than 50 percent of overall servers in the world are virtualized. By 2015, that share will increase to 75 percent.

Though virtualization brings a lot of benefits, at the same time it also includes a few management challenges which makes it complex. The major challenges with virtualization are:

  • Monitoring its performance in real time

  • Managing VM sprawl and optimizing resources

OpManager Launches Android App with Built-in QR Code Scanner

OpManager Android App


Gone are the days when you carried your laptop inside data centers to fish out faulty devices. The latest OpManager Android app with its built-in QR code scanner now helps you locate the faulty devices by delivering all the required data to your finger tips, literally! The app not only makes your life easy, but also helps you monitor your data center’s performance from anywhere, at anytime.

The app is absolutely free and you can download it from Play Store.


​With the OpManager Android App, you can:

  • View the availability and performance of managed devices
  • View and add notes to alarms raised
  • Troubleshoot faults by using ping, traceroute, and IT workflow
  • Create custom dashb

Improve Your IT Productivity with OpManager’s New Fluidic UI

OpManager's Fluidic UI

OpManager's Fluidic UI

Today, enterprises handle 10 times more alarms than they did a decade ago. At $70,000 a year, a systems administrator costs $35 per hour. A 10-member IT team could save $875,000 over 5 years if the user interface for their IT management solution was 25 percent faster.

Switch to OpManager 11.3 and try the new Fluidic interface. It helps you quickly navigate across various performance pages and reports in less than 100ms, which helps you know the fault and performance data and troubleshoot problems before your users or customers complain.

In addition to the Fluidic UI, OpManager 11.3 enhancements include:

  • social wall for IT discussions
  • custom report builder
  • heat map widget with live health status of devices
  • mu

Manage Your IT While on the Move!

OpManager iPad app

The crucial challenge in managing your IT is always staying connected  — anytime, anywhere . Being connected ensures that you can troubleshoot any problem immediately, in real time.   The new iPad app from OpManager lets you do just that. Using this app, you can view your IT performance and also troubleshoot issues, on the move.

With the iPad app, you can:

  • View your IT performance
  • View recent alarms raised and sort them by severity
  • Add notes to, clear, acknowledge, and delete an alarm
  • Troubleshoot issues by ping, traceroute, and workflow automation
  • Customize dashboards and widgets

Visit the iTunes store to download the iPad app for OpManager.


OpManager iPad app is available in two editions. The …

Where the cloud touches down: Simplifying DCIM


DCIM Webinar

In most data centers, DCIM rests on shaky ground: manual record keeping and scattered documentation. Data center managers maintain–and wade through–wikis, spreadsheets, text files, and un-integrated freeware tools and databases just to find two things: What is that we manage? and Where is it located? The biggest problem with all this documentation is that it is maintained manually, and who has time to do it perfectly? Moreover, locating an asset quickly is almost next to impossible, and because sources are scattered and ad hoc, the documentation often fails to capture how assets relate to each other.

OpManager helps you bridge this gap between the documentation you have and the documentation you ne…

EMA puts OpManager in catbird seat against a morass of expensive & complex tools from Big4!


EMA impact brief on OpManager

ManageEngine introduced huge enhancements to OpManager recently making it the industry’s most cost-efficiently scalable network management platform. This caught the attention of EMA, the leading industry analyst and consulting firm. Impressed by the enhancements, EMA’s vice president Dennis Drogseth published an impact brief analyzing the benefits and value of the enhancements to the IT teams of large enterprises and data centers.

The brief also includes an interview with a global manufacturing unit using OpManager Enterprise Edition for managing 80,000 interfaces. View the full impact brief.

Excerpts from the brief:
“ManageEngine introduced its next version of OpManager wi…

Policy-Driven Network Configuration Management Critical to Network Security


(Originally published in Information Week)

Manual processes to managing device configurations often create gaping security holes!

Today’s enterprises face unprecedented cyber-security threats. New breed of cyber-attacks are constantly evolving even as enterprises continue to bolster their defenses. Though cyber-attacks happen through myriad ways, attackers always look for easy holes in network devices like switches, routers, firewalls and other devices on the perimeter to gain illegal access to the network. Due to lack of processes, unknowingly, we tend to simplify the job of intruders.

NCCMEnterprises make huge investments on procuring network infrastructure and employ highly skilled pro…

Design your data center & tweet to win an iPad mini


We have a contest running – ‘Doodle Your Data Center’. The contest is very simple and just takes a minute. All you have to do is design a data center using OpManager’s 3D Data Center Builder (beta) and tweet it with the hash tag #DataCenterDoodle. The best 3D data center design wins an iPad mini.

>> Take part in the contest.

OpManager’s 3D Data Center Builder
ManageEngine previewed OpManager’s 3D Data Center Builder (beta) in Cisco Live 2013, London. With the 3D Data Center Builder you can create an exact replica of your data center in 3D. First you have to create racks by populating the devices, and then add the racks to the data center floors.

You can embed the 3D data center view in OpManager dash…

Change Control Automation & Better Management of Network Assets


In  IT infrastructure management, integration of tools/software with one  another has always been a crucial requirement. In Network Change and  Configuration Management (NCCM), which predominantly deals with change  control, such integration becomes all the more essential as network  configuration data lies at the core of enterprise network  administration. However, due  to the inherent incompatibility issues among tools, the integration goal  is fraught with too many roadblocks. DeviceExpert now breaks all the barriers in integration efforts through its REST APIs. Any third-party application or software can integrate  with DeviceExpert directly and add, access and extract dat…

ManageEngine Thoughts: Software Defined Networking #1


With Software Defined Networking (SDN) being the new industry buzzword, more and more people including network architects, CIOs and CTOs have started exploring SDN and its capabilities to cater to the growing demands of enterprise and cloud services. Google statistics show there has been an exponential increase in search numbers for Software Defined Networking in recent times.

This industry interest has triggered a wave across networking giants to tag “SDN” for marketing mileage,

Some things in life can never be fully appreciated nor understood unless experienced firsthand. Some things in networking can never be fully understood by someone who neither builds commercial networking equipment n