Success Story: Automating Critical Network Operations Across 300 Locations for World’s Leading News Agency


Imagine the IT division of a large news agency that provides real-time news to its subscribers – including print and electronic media in over 100 countries – on a 24×7 basis. The agency relies on its IT infrastructure spread across 300 locations to effectively deliver the news as it happens, via internal and external websites, wireless services, and other interactive applications.


Business continuity for this news agency depends solely on network availability, and even a few minutes of outage could have a rippling effect on its reputation and revenue stream. The agency’s network administration team is responsible for not only managing the hundreds of switches, routers, firewalls, and …

Case Study: Delivering PCI-DSS Compliance, Centralized Network Config Management for UK’s Largest IT Services and Outsourcing Company


Success Story

In our latest case study, an IT operations analyst at a trusted IT services and outsourcing company — the largest in the UK — reveals how DeviceExpert has improved the performance and overall security of a diverse array of managed devices and has simplified the jobs of the company’s network admins.

Imagine the IT division of your company relies on disparate devices, including telecommunication devices, network devices, and virtual and physical systems spread across multiple, geographic locations. And your network administration team is responsible for managing the devices and ensuring their availability, performance, and utilization.

That’s exactly what …

Spate of shocking cyber attacks on universities jolt academia


It is hauntingly clear – cyber criminals have set their eyes firmly on universities, research institutions, and centers of higher learning in the United States and other parts of the world. If the cyber attacks of the past few weeks are any indication, universities are now facing the biggest threat to information security.

Attack landscape

  • On July 17, 2013, personal information of more than 72,000 staff members (past and present) of the University of Delaware in Newark was compromised. Hackers  obtained the information (names, addresses, social security numbers, etc.) by exploiting the vulnerability in a third-party software that the university used.
  • On July 18, 2013, during a routine security sca

Policy-Driven Network Configuration Management Critical to Network Security


(Originally published in Information Week)

Manual processes to managing device configurations often create gaping security holes!

Today’s enterprises face unprecedented cyber-security threats. New breed of cyber-attacks are constantly evolving even as enterprises continue to bolster their defenses. Though cyber-attacks happen through myriad ways, attackers always look for easy holes in network devices like switches, routers, firewalls and other devices on the perimeter to gain illegal access to the network. Due to lack of processes, unknowingly, we tend to simplify the job of intruders.

NCCMEnterprises make huge investments on procuring network infrastructure and employ highly skilled pro…

If Big Data’s too scary, try Little Data (it’s free)


Here are some stats that will blow your mind: Every minute of every day, 48 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube, Google receives over 2 million queries, over 100,000 tweets are sent and nearly 600 new websites are created. Perhaps most shocking is that quietly in the background, all of this data is tracked and stored. But what happens to it after that?

Obviously, today’s Internet is filled with vast amounts of data. When only a few short years ago a search would yield varied results, today search engines, social networks and even advertisers have realized that information must be culled, filtered and targeted for their consumers. In order to do this, many of these services collect data about you. Whil…

Why should you care about streamlining the management of network device configs and passwords?


Enterprises depend on network availability for business continuity and network configuration data lies at the core of enterprise network administration. Network device configurations contain access credentials, SNMP settings, access control lists and other sensitive data that make them crucial to network security. Naturally, access to the devices is controlled through a password and access to the configurations is regulated through another password.

However, unfortunately, many organizations continue to neglect the crucial aspects of both Network Configuration Management and Device Password Management.

Lack of Proper Change Management Plan

Business needs are in a constant state of flux a…

January 2013 Patch Tuesday Bulletins are now Supported by Desktop Central


Microsoft January 2013 Patch Tuesday bulletins are now supported by Desktop Central. The patch assessment team at Desktop Central has tested the patches and have updated their online patch database on January 09, 2013 at 07:30 EST.

Update your vulnerability database to install the patches pertaining to the Security Bulletins:

MS13-001 – Vulnerability in Windows Print Spooler Components Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2769369)

MS13-002 – Vulnerabilities in Microsoft XML Core Services Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2756145) – [Except KB2758696]

MS13-004 – Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (2769324)

MS13-005 – Vulnerability in Windows Kernel…

Change Control Automation & Better Management of Network Assets


In  IT infrastructure management, integration of tools/software with one  another has always been a crucial requirement. In Network Change and  Configuration Management (NCCM), which predominantly deals with change  control, such integration becomes all the more essential as network  configuration data lies at the core of enterprise network  administration. However, due  to the inherent incompatibility issues among tools, the integration goal  is fraught with too many roadblocks. DeviceExpert now breaks all the barriers in integration efforts through its REST APIs. Any third-party application or software can integrate  with DeviceExpert directly and add, access and extract dat…

Bridge the gap between IT Operations & IT Security


Traditionally, IT operations and IT Security have remained at loggerheads. IT operations team is tasked with the responsibility of carrying out the the day-to-day activities, maintaining the software and hardware inventories, ensuring reliability, optimizing performance, capacity and utilization of the network and a host of other activities. They always need to respond to business requirements at the quickest time possible, keeping in mind business continuity.

IT Security, on the other hand, is tasked with the responsibility of safeguarding the business from evolving, sophisticated cyber-threats and ensuring compliance to regulations. To reduce risks, IT security enforces processes and pl…

Configuration changes, human errors and network availability


What happens when you face network outage?

No need to explain – the effect will be catastrophic as everything gets affected. Your employees will not be able to do their work; customers will not be able access your services and in extreme cases, entire business activities come to a halt. The ‘after-effects’ of the outage could be more worse – might have a rippling effect on the revenue stream and even loss of trust and credibility could occur.

Network Outage – Causes

Network outages could occur due to a variety of reasons. But, industry experts have reported that more than 60 per cent of the outages occur due to human errors committed when carrying out device configuration change…