​Desktop Central Supports Kiosk Mode for Samsung Devices



Today, we increasingly depend on technology, especially mobile technology, to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. Mobile devices are transforming the way we do business; we use them extensively for financial transactions, health care, and consumer shopping. Understanding this trend, Samsung continues to introduce enterprise-friendly features for its mobile devices, transforming the legacy workplace into a highly sophisticated technological ecosystem. The Kiosk mode is one such feature that is sure to transform the workplace.

Advantages of Using Kiosk Mode

Traditionally, companies rely on small-form factor PCs to bring the digital touchscreen kiosk experience to life.

Manage Mac ​Configurations ​from Central Location with Desktop Central


mac configurations

As an IT admin, what makes your work easy? Automating configuration standardization for a network of computers, or performing it manually? What if the computers being referred to are Mac systems?

By automating your configuration of computers, you can save the time and effort that you would normally spend configuring them manually.

When it comes to standardizing configurations for thousands of Mac systems, the process has to be simple and centralized. The challenge not only lies with the perceived differences in system settings between configurations (which complicates the issue) but also with the software, which must be able to standardize the settings across multiple configurations f

​Desktop Central Supports Samsung KNOX and Makes Enterprise Devices More Secure

Desktop Central


Samsung KNOX empowers enterprises to  build, customize, and remotely manage a Fort Knox that fortifies corporate data with multi-level protection. Now, your corporate data can be just as safe as the US gold reserve.

When you install Samsung Knox on your mobile device, you can rest assured that your corporate data is secure. Samsung Knox ensures that only authorized personnel can access the corporate data. It uses three layers of security such as platform, application, and mobile device management.

Simply put, Samsung Knox provides a container within which an employee’s corporate data is securely stored, much like the Fort Knox gold reserve. To access one’s personal data, the emp

Desktop Central Voted a “Rising Star” by MobileVillage.com Readers

2014_MobileStarAwards_RisingStar (1)

What better way for Desktop Central to start the new year than with a 2014 Mobile Star Award? How about starting the year with two Mobile Star Awards?!

That’s right, we’re kicking off 2015 with two “Rising Star” awards – one for Mobile Device Management and one for Mobile Asset Management. The honor is amplified by the way the Mobile Star Awards program works: winners are chosen by the mobile-savvy readers of MobileVillage.com rather than a small pool of judges or panelists.

2014_MobileStarAwards_RisingStar (1)As Mobile Star Awards director Gary Thayer says, “[T]he Mobile Star Awards is still the only competition where today’s most exciting new mobile products and companies can compete against established comp

Desktop Central Now Speaks Your Language!

DC speaks your language

Desktop Central multi langugae

Yes, you read it right. Desktop Central, your integrated desktop and mobile device management software, just got better!  It is now available in Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Japanese, and German.

We always understood the prominent role Desktop Central plays in your work; it helps you perform desktop management tasks, such as patch management and software installation, and also mobile device management tasks. And so, we made Desktop Central speak your language! We believe this enhancement will help you accomplish all device management tasks effectively, efficiently, and easily.

 To get started, all you need to do is:

  • Download Desktop Central and click Personalize.

  • Click Change the La

Desktop Central Integrates with Help Desk Software Again


Seeing the exponential growth of IT demands in the recent past, haven’t you ever wished that your desktop management and help desk solutions were integrated? To do just that, we integrated Desktop Central with the on-premise help desk software, ServiceDesk Plus back in 2010. This time around, we’re extending the synergy by joining hands with its cloud-based model, ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand.

Using this new, integrated solution, you can streamline asset management and get instant updates about the changes in your inventory. Because scanning takes place in both scheduled and regular refresh cycles in Desktop Central, the server load is significantly reduced. This distributed asset s

The Winning Dart for Software Deployment


Game on! You are aiming for the bull’s eye. You are ready with a steady stance, placing the fingers at the right positions, and aiming the dart perfectly. But, how assured can you be of hitting your target? Each part of the dart has a specific function and one needs to understand them to launch a winning shot. The tip, barrel, shaft, and flight can all influence the dart’s performance.


Similarly, a clear understanding of the various aspects of software deployment is essential for a successful software installation. Usually, the first step in software deployment is checking for an outdated or a previous version of the software and uninstalling it. You would then also verify if any processes

Safeguard Your Computers Easily with Desktop Central’s Exclusive Patch Edition

insurance design

Is your organization focusing on securing its network against operating system and application vulnerabilities to alleviate costs due to potential threats?  Then you are perhaps looking not just for a comprehensive solution, but also a scalable product so that the future needs of the organization can be met. Well then, here’s Desktop Central‘s Patch Management suite
 that’ll meet all your needs to the tee! This edition will automate heterogeneous patch deployments and  provide extensive reporting capabilities. It is quite easy to set up and use. And as you support mobility, you can be fully assured that the systems will be updated and secured continuously.



​Think Before You Wipe: Destroying Mobile Data Is Just One Option for Missing Devices


Modern day organizations provide employees the flexibility to work from anywhere around the office, such as the workstation, cafeteria, or meeting rooms. When employees use mobile devices to do work, they will store data on them. And, when employees move around with these devices, there is a fair chance a few of the devices will get lost. When an employee reports the loss of a mobile device, you might immediately want to wipe the data stored on it. But a data wipe must be done only after confirming the loss of the device. Otherwise, it can cause work redundancy or affect productivity.

As an IT admin, you don’t need to press the panic button immediately when you hear about a device loss. Depending on

Find your faulty corporate iPhone 5 devices in no time!

Find your faulty corporate iPhone 5 devices in no time!

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Recently, Apple launched an iPhone recall program for selected devices. According to a statement from Apple, some of the iPhone 5 devices that were sold between September 2012 and January 2013 may experience shorter battery life or may have to be charged frequently. If your enterprise iPhone 5 devices were purchased during this period and they experience battery issues, they can be replaced free of cost.

Enterprises must replace these devices at the earliest. Otherwise, their productivity can be affected. So, how can enterprises track and check  the devices that are eligible for the recall? Manually checking each device’s eligibility on the Apple website can be painsta