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Policing Live video traffic and monitoring using NetFlow Analyzer

I hope everyone who had attended our joint webinar with Cisco about QoS Design and validation, would have got a better idea on how to design a network with effective QoS policing. For those who missed the Webinar, you can …

NetFlow Analyzer 2 min read

Live Video Traffic Monitoring in NetFlow Analyzer with Minimal effort

Now! NetFlow Analyzer 9.6 got released. So the question would be, what’s new in it?. Click here to get answer for this. This blog is about a more exciting and valuable feature for Networkers, as it saves time spend on …

NetFlow Analyzer 1 min read

Analyzing Live Video Performance using NetFlow Analyzer

With highly advanced technology development, the overhead on Network Administrators in ensuring prompt delivery of business critical applications over the WAN is very high. Video conferencing is predominantly taking place in major organizations for a variety of reasons like less …

NetFlow Analyzer 1 min read

Cisco Mediatrace Reports in NetFlow Analyzer

After configuring the Initiating Router and Responders for Mediatrace monitoring, as the next step we would now get into report generation. The data is represented in the form of easy to understand charts and graphs. The reports can be generated …

NetFlow Analyzer 2 min read

Cisco Mediatrace in NetFlow Analyzer

With Cisco Medianet, you can measure the performance of voice traffic on a router which are configured for Medianet NetFlow export. The performance of real time traffic could deteriorate during its travel across different devices on the path.


NetFlow Analyzer 3 min read

Cisco Medianet Reports in NetFlow Analyzer

After configuring Cisco devices for Medianet exports(as mentioned in the previous blog), the next step is generating Medianet reports in NetFlow Analyzer. The Medianet report in NetFlow Analyzer shows traffic IN and traffic OUT details based on media volume, …

NetFlow Analyzer 2 min read

Cisco Medianet (Performance Monitor ) Configuration

In continuation to Cisco Medianet Introduction blog, This blog explains the configuration of Cisco routers to export Medianet related information .  In the latest IOS version, Cisco adds Performance Monitor parameter to its NetFlow export. So, with NetFlow …

NetFlow Analyzer 3 min read

Would you pay twice for the same thing?

Traffic consists of various forms. Voice, video, data etc. When you employ a tool to monitor traffic, you should ensure all these sub-types are taken care of. We are glad to offer you video traffic monitoring for free through the …

NetFlow Analyzer 2 min read