Top 10 Reasons to purchase Desktop Central

We have different desktop management solutions available in the market, but you as an IT administrator need to choose a product in such a way that it can fulfill your expectations. So, listing out different products is the first step for the evaluation. It is not an easy task, since you need to digest a lot of theory about the product given in the website, which is a hiccup. Hence we understand your problem and make it easy for you to take the right decision. Below are the few reasons to understand “How Desktop Central can fit in your pocket”: Integrated Desktop Management Solution Desktop Central is an integrated desktop management solution that caters to all your enterprise management needs. You do…

Benefits of ServiceDesk Plus MSP + Desktop Central MSP

The word ‘Integration’ has occupied a significant role in the IT department be it in the SME or large enterprises; because of the special benefits the integration feature possess. Let’s say, when a user submits request in ServiceDesk Plus(SDP) MSP. Without a desktop management application, the IT administrator has to tackle issues manually, which is a time consuming process. By integrating with the Desktop Central MSP, the IT admin can perform desktop management functions under a single console i.e. Let’s say business application like MS Office needs to be installed. Help desk technician can directly initiate the deployment from the ServiceDesk request. In the same way the entire spectrum of u…

Integrate Applications Manager alerts into IBM Tivoli Console

To meet the growing complexity of their infrastructures, organizations today use numerous monitoring tools to track the health of their business environments. These monitoring tools generate alerts of statistics, errors, notifications or any other information that may be crucial to the enterprise. How does the operations team of any organization keep track of alerts from so many different tools generated on different systems? We have received a fair number of queries from users whose enterprises use IBM Tivoli as their main Network Management System (NMS) console. They would like a direct method to display critical Applications Manager alerts in Tivoli’s console. This blog should help you in

Improve Operations Productivity by Integrating Contextual Information using New Widgets for Custom Dashboards

When Applications Manager is your primary Applications and Systems Performance Monitoring tool, you need to make sure all supplementary views from 3rd party tools or intranet wikis are easily accessible to your operations team when they need it. When ManageEngine Applications Manager Release 9.1 was out it had many enhancements for custom dashboards. One of which facilitates this. Below is a screenshot that shows it all. Here we have shown how the “Embed Web Page” widget of “Custom Dashboards” in Applications Manager can integrate a web page from an external source. The example show cased is one that is based on our own Website Monitoring Service –
If y…

Desktop Central now Integrates with ServiceDesk Plus

 The IT asset details of the computers in the network and the help desk requests made by the users now get seamlessly integrated with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus. What details gets integrated?
  • Asset Data
  • Help Desk Requests
Asset Data:The Hardware and Software details of the computers in the network that are periodically collected by Desktop Central can readily be integrated with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus. If you have installed both these products, you just have to provide the details of the computer where ServiceDesk Plus is installed along with its Port Number. The Desktop Central Server will update the hardware and software details of the computers and replicate the data in ServiceDesk Pl…