AppFlow Configuration on Citrix Netscaler Device

Enterprise Devices like Citrix Netscaler, Sonicwall are started supporting AppFlow export. What this AppFlow export really means?


AppFlow is a new flow export standard for finding data pertaining to applications & transactions in the network infrastructure. It gives …

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Barracuda NG Firewall now supports IPFIX

Barracuda NG Firewall released their new firmware 5.2.3, curious to know whats new??

Visit the link to know the complete set of features:

Here, in this blog we are discussing what is important for us, yes its IPFIX. Firmware …

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Application Performance Monitoring using NetFlow Analyzer

In most of the Corporate networks, the common problem seen over decades is that application performance worsens during business hours. Network Admin managing the corporate network faces the huge task of finding out what is causing the slowness in accessing

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AppFlow Support in NetFlow Analyzer

Flow based traffic analytics gives better visibility into network traffic compared to SNMP based traffic monitoring. The importance of flow based analysis is increasingly gaining prominence over traditional SNMP based traffic monitoring. As a result, we see a majority of …

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IPFIX support in Juniper Device

I’d rather say this is an IPFIX era, almost all the enterprise level routing and switching device vendors have started adopting IPFIX technology. Juniper device with its own standard jFlow is now supporting IPFIX on most of their major devices. …

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Configuring Maipu routers to export IPFIX

While working with one of our customers who had a Maipu Router, we realized that we don’t have the router’s NetFlow configuration in our website and I am sharing it with you in this blog. 

 Maipu Routers are capable

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nProbe and NetFlow Analyzer

What every Network Administrator expects from a bandwidth monitor while monitoring input and throughput on the device interface/port is:

Who is using?

Which Application is consuming my Bandwidth?

Which Port and Protocol are used?

The above information can be seen …

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Accountability in an Enterprise!

Large enterprises which span across various countries face a challenge when it comes to monitoring bandwidth usage across various branches.  Harder still is the accountability, who is using what application or who is using a non-business-critical application which is clogging …

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NetFlow Analyzer tips on twitter!

We (@NetFlow_geek) will be tweeting t(w)ips on capabilities of NetFlow Analyzer which will help you get the most out of NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, IPFIX, Netstream and more. NetFlow analyzer runs on both Linux and Windows, so

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