NetFlow Analyzer: Traffic monitoring in MPLS type of Network is made Easy

Frame Relay network are now being converted to MPLS type of network more rapidly. MPLS type of network helps the Network Administrators to easily manage the Network and MPLS network architecture is simple than traditional Frame Relay or packet switching networks. Monitoring Network traffic through NetFlow export becomes very handy in MPLS type of networks. Consider a network which has below given architecture: Task of an Administrator:- Given task for Administrator is  to monitor internet traffic of Site A, Site B and traffic between Site A and Site B. The Administrator of this network is using NetFlow Analyzer and monitoring all the Site Routers and Internet Router . IP Grouping :- Since, he is alre…

NetFlow Analyzer for ISP’s : Assure fair & accurate billing

Are you an ISP or MSP trying to monitor client’s bandwidth utilization and bill them based on the usage? The solution for your monitoring need would be ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer. Why ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer? ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is the only tool which does NetFlow, sFlow , IP FIX, jFlow, AppFlow analysis for bandwidth monitoring and has billing module integrated with it to make ease of billing process. Earlier ISP’s used SNMP based tools to calculate monthly data from customer’s edge router (called as CPE’s) and then manually calculate the bill based on 95th percentile or volume of data used. This manual process was very time consuming and tedious for the Network…

Instant Billing Report in NetFlow Analyzer

During these rough economic times that we are currently going through, every single penny spent on enhancements, upgrades in the network to accommodate future demand is questioned. To make do with the existing resources with cost-cutting in mind is the most ideal solution until the economy recovers. This mindset has a direct implication on every organization and, eventually, every department within it. Capacity planning plays a major role to cut the cost spending on enhancing the network or bandwidth to accommodate growth. The Capacity Planning reports in NetFlow Analyzer’s Professional plus edition will help you to identify bandwidth usage growth and application growth over a period of time and it…

Understanding TCP based anomalies using NetFlow Analyzer

In our previous blog post we discussed on the Problems classified by Advanced Security Analytics Module (ASAM) in NetFlow Analyzer. Each problem in turn is classified into a number of security events. This blog is about how ASAM identifies each event in the suspect flow category. Already we had detailed discussion on first three events on the suspect flow category in the previous blog. This section is more about TCP based security events, TCP is most reliable protocol to send and receive data between server and client. Since the TCP protocol is reliable, it assures orderly delivery of transmitted data. To understand how this reliable TCP protocol can cause security threats on network, we need to understand f

Detecting Suspicious Flows using NetFlow Analyzer

Network security has always been the top priority of Network administrators all over the world. The effect of a virus attack on a corporate network is huge and at most times it is irreversible, but how to detect it? Here, we are going to discuss about Security Analytics and Anomaly Detection using NetFlow Analyzer. NetFlow Analyzer’s Advanced Security Analytics Module (ASAM) gives an in-depth view on the security events, happening in the network. Advanced Security Analytics Module is a flow based security analytics and anomaly detection tool that helps in detecting zero-day network intrusions. It uses state-of-the-art Continuous Stream Mining Engine™ technology and classifies the intrusio

CheckPoint and SonicWall Device Configuration

Our last blog discussed about Firewalls with NetFlow or sFlow support and outlined the sFlow configuration to be done on FortiGate Firewall devices. Adding to this, below is the configuration for CheckPoint Firewall and SonicWall Device. CheckPoint Firewall NetFlow Configuration: CheckPoint IPSO 6.1 introduces support for NetFlow services, which you can use to collect information about network traffic patterns and volume. To provide this information, IPSO tracks network “flows.” A flow is a unidirectional stream of packets that share a given set of characteristics. Click Configuration >Traffic Management > NetFlow to access the NetFlow Configuration page on the UI of Check Point. IPS

Google Map View in NetFlow Analyzer

Network diagram or Network layout defines how the network is distributed and spread across globally. As a network administrator, its a huge task to consolidate and manage network devices spread globally. NetFlow Analyzer as a comprehensive network monitoring tool which allow the users to draw their network layout and provides an easiest way to manage network resources. Google maps feature lets you physically locate your network resources on a map. This enables network administrators to have a feel of how devices are distributed and more importantly provide a quick and easy drill down to specific information. NetFlow Analyzer, by using Google maps API, lets you position your devices on a map for a graphic

Report Profile in NetFlow Analyzer

You must have gone through the variety of features that are available on NetFlow Analyzer 8.6 including capacity planning reports. In this blog, we will discuss on a feature that saves a lot time in generating reports. The feature is called Report Profile. What is it? Automation and Customization are the two words which plays a vital role in any world. We have seen Schedule of reports in NetFlow Analyzer which gives the ability to get automated reports on a daily, weekly or Monthly basis through email and also can be viewed from GUI. The schedule reports provide automation but cannot be customized as they use pre-defined templates which are based on the default reporting parameters in NetFlow Analyzer like traf

NetFlow Analyzer saves Money and more – Capacity Planning reports

NetFlow Analyzer v8.6 has been released with variety of new features. To add more value to the existing reporting functionality one new feature added is Capacity Planning reports. This feature is included under the Professional Plus edition and will be available to all Plus edition customers and in the trial mode. What is Capacity Planning : Capacity Planning is a common term which indicates measures to be taken to accommodate the growth over period of time. This is exactly what the Capacity Planning reports in NetFlow Analyzer will do – Help determine the network traffic growth over a time period and in turn helps decide if you really need that high cost – high bandwidth link or not. Need For Capac