FacilitiesDesk Hotfix 6501 Released!

Hi Folks, Here is the latest release of Hotfix from ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk.

Existing users (from Build number: 6500) can apply the Hotfix 6501 from the following link:


Follow the below instructions to apply the Hotfix:

New users can directly download the exe/bin file of the product from the following link:


Maintenance Planner Checklist

Simple checklist for maintenance planners
  • Check for duplicate work orders
  • Check whether it affect any other work orders
  • Check equipment or asset number
  • Check parts availability
  • Work location should be clearly mentioned in work order
  • Description of work needed to be carried out should be mentioned clearly
  • Is there a standard work order for this job
  • Check for the complete material list required for the work is included in work order
  • Are all safety issues adequately covered
  • Check for safety materials included in the materials list
  • Is Engineering assistance required
  • Are all trades or skills required to complete the work included on the work order

Role of CMMS Software

In general the role of Computer Maintenance Management Software (CMMS ) encompasses the entire maintenance spectrum helping maintenance and facility managers across the organisation to take effective control of facilities, assets, equipments and maintenance operations and lower the total cost of maintenance. Main challenge of today’s businesses is do more with less. The only way to acheive this is through better work processes, skilled employees and enabling technology. CMMS software is one tool that can genuinely enable your organization to meet the goals. 10 to 30% reduction in maintenance related expenditures is acheived/claimed by organizations that successfully implement CMMS softwar…

More insight on CMMS solution

Dear Readers, CMMS Global a general body whose interest is to offer insight about CMMS solution to people who seek relevant information and are interested in deploying a suitable system in order to manage their facilities and assets. They have initiated a “Blog” called “cmmsadvice.com” where industry experts pour in their knowledge on various facilities management, maintenance management and CMMS related as posts… I am glad to introduce you all to this portal…to have insights on the Facilities Management related information. Happy Reading, Team FacilitiesDesk.…