Active Directory Around the World

When it comes to Active Directory, March and April were truly active. I traveled over 50,000 miles to make 12 presentations in 10 cities spread over seven countries. Those two trips around the world taught me a thing

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The Burn-Proof CIO: 5 Tactics For Surviving The Red-Hot Tech Sector

Technology is on fire. Technology-related sectors may have single-handedly pulled the economy back from the brink of disaster. A recent report by Ibis World reveals that 5 of the 7 fastest growing industries are related to technology. These industries are …

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How CIOs and IT Teams Can Make IT Matter Again

IT departments are being marginalized by SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and the rest of the cloud-driven “aaS”es. At least that’s what some are suggesting, like Scott Bils at InformationWeek. And I’m inclined to agree, at least in spirit, if not …

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This Week’s Five: CIOs Making News!


This Week’s Five is a weekly column of five interesting reads from all over the web.

This week we bring you news about CIOs: what they do, how they do it, and the difference they make!

A company’s first-ever

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This Week’s Five: The Changing Role of CIOs

This Week’s Five is the column where we bring to you a collection of five interesting reads from all over the web, with a different topic every week. This week, we are exploring the changing role of Chief Information Officers

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From Dungeon to Corner Office: Evolution of the CIO

Last week, I attended the 2012 Midmarket CIO Forum. It got me thinking about how dramatically IT and the role of the chief information officer (CIO) have evolved.

My first introduction to the world of IT was back in the …

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Take me out, cries IT! IT360 now frees executives from desktop bondage with an iPad extension. Releases 9.0.5

Hi all,
We are happy to announce the latest version of IT360: 9.0.5 This edition is very important for us as it begins a journey into a whole new world with different features. Bringing mobility in …

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Delivering Deep Insights Into End User Quality of Experience

Hello All,

I am sure all would be in the holiday mood after Christmas and with new year eve just few days away thinking something related to Network, IT , Applications or on top of all that WORK is least …

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5 Strategies to Help IT Operate at the New Speed of Business

Myriads of applications run businesses worth billions of dollars today. Thousands of network components support these business-critical applications and hundreds of sites are dependent on them. All this sums up to create a complex architecture which is beyond the imagination

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