NetFlow Sampling on Cisco 6500 & 7600 series device

Both Cisco 6500 & 7600 serve as Core devices on a network to distribute large amount of traffic. The high volume of packets and packet rates of traffic on some device links which leads …

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ISP and Enterprise Billing in NetFlow Analyzer-Part 2

The previous blog dealt with Billing and as a continuation here is a brief account of IP group billing which is one of the unique features of NetFlow Analyzer.

IP Group Billing:-

Consider a scenario where billing has to happen …

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ISP and Enterprise Billing in NetFlow Analyzer-Part 1

This blog post is about Billing with NetFlow using NetFlow Analyzer which is quite a rarity in any other product of its kind in the market.

Billing is a major feature available in the Professional Plus and Enterprise editions ManageEngine …

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Effective Voice Traffic Analysis using NetFlow Analyzer

Voice traffic has spread its presence everywhere right from SMBs to large enterprises. Communication happens through VoIP at different levels right from customer support to teleconferencing to internal communication etc. VoIP has a major …

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IPFIX support in Juniper Device

I’d rather say this is an IPFIX era, almost all the enterprise level routing and switching device vendors have started adopting IPFIX technology. Juniper device with its own standard jFlow is now supporting IPFIX on most of their major devices. …

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Cisco WAAS Reporting in NetFlow Analyzer—Part 2

So after adding WAAS to your NetFlow Analyzer, next question is what kind of reports it can generate? This blog helps you to understand various kind of reports available in Cisco WAAS module. Once

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Cisco WAAS Reporting in NetFlow Analyzer—Part 1

Cisco WAAS (Wide Area Application Services) reduces the cost of bandwidth spending at branch office and increases the IT productivity. It delivers high scalability and Application performance for distributed enterprises.

Distributed Enterprises with branch office all over the world face …

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Riverbed Device Monitoring in NetFlow Analyzer

Application performance over WAN can be improved by using various technologies like QoS policing, Preventing unwanted traffic imposing ACL, deploying WAN accelerators etc. . WAN accelerators improve the performance of applications on WAN and make them on par with that

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Enhanced per IP Address based Alert in NetFlow Analyzer

Our previous blog was about various alerts in NetFlow Analyzer. In this blog we will discuss the alerting mechanism in NetFlow Analyzer.

Network Administrators managing any corporate network would very well know the average bandwidth utilization of their critical server.

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Configuring SNMP v3 on Cisco router and ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol ) is an application-layer protocol that helps communication between SNMP managers and agents. SNMP is used for monitoring and managing the devices in a network.

The frameworks of SNMP are
 SNMP manager
 SNMP agent

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