SupportCenter Plus

SupportCenter Plus is a web-based customer support software that lets organizations effectively manage customer tickets, their account & contact information, the service contracts and in the process providing a superior customer experience.

10 Tips to Improve Your Help Desk Service Experience

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an enterprise with thousands of customers or a small business organization with just a few employees. It doesn’t matter whether your help desk is internal, external, or both. It doesn’t matter whether you use a …

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Different Kinds of Help Desk Callers – Helpdesk Humour

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Happy Holidays!

SupportCenter Plus wishes all the customers merry Christmas & happy new year.

While you are away, two features that can come in handy:
Mobile access
You can keep track of help desk activity from anywhere using your smartphones.
Customer Portal

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Canned Responses: Save that extra minute every time

As a Customer Support Manager, you often feel that some parts of the Support Rep’s job is repetitive and monotonous. And you would be happy if the help desk tool took care of repetitive activity.

The Canned Response feature of …

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Flexible Portal with easy-to-customize options

When your customer lands in a portal from the website through the Support link, the customer should feel that the portal resembles the website to proceed further.

Customizing Portal

Customizing the look & feel of your support portal
In this version, we’re …

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SupportCenter Plus 7.7 Released.

       We just released SupportCenter Plus (SCP) 7.7 .  The release is bundled with a lot of good features like the Real-time Dashboards based on KPIs, Avaya Integration, APIs that helps you integrate applications into supportcenter, Activities module …

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Support your Customers in 140 Characters. Enjoy the magic of SupportCenter Plus and Twitter

Three years back, Jack Dorsey drew a prototype for short communication service in his flip-pad when he was working for Odeo, a podcasting company. I don’t think he would have realized it then that this going to be a rage …

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Enrich Customer Support Experience thorugh our SLA rules

Today’s customer support environment puts your company under greater pressure to reduce operational costs and offer business value by your support, your support process needs a service level management and automation of your SLA rules that can:

  • Shrink the cost of

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