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Adobe releases patches for eight critical security vulnerabilities 

Adobe zero day vulnerability

ManageEngine’s own security and patch expert Mike is back at it again with a report on new vulnerabilities in three different Adobe products. According to Mike, there are two vulnerabilities in Flash Player, four in ColdFusion, and two in RoboHelp. …

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Building a better help desk: Part 1, trouble-free user onboarding

You sit down at your desk on Monday morning and the first thing you see is an email from HR asking you to onboard a dozen new hires. Isn’t that just a great way to start your week? Given the …

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Active Directory from A to Z!

Now that summer is over, we are delivering a variety of webinars all geared to increase the security, productivity, and overall stability of your Active Directory environment. Please take advantage of one or more of these webinars coming up in …

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Adopting a SIEM solution? Here’s what you need to know

Cyberattacks have become an everyday affair, especially with the WannaCry attack and EquiFax breach making headline news recently. You might be asking yourself why cyberattacks have become more common. Is it because of loosened security policies or sophisticated attack methodologies? …

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Day-one support for iOS 11

When news of another OS release breaks, every user eagerly awaits the day they’ll be able to try out the new features. But a new OS can cause mixed feelings for IT admins, as they need to ensure that their …

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Microsoft reports 81 zero-day exploits—Patch your desktops now to escape cyberattacks

Zero day vulnerability

Patching vulnerabilities is always a priority, but patching is even more important when those vulnerabilities can lead to random zero-day attacks. If you have any Windows computers in your network, we can think of at least 81 reasons you should …

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Taking stock of your security posture after the Equifax cyber breach

Equifax, a leading credit bureau, was victim to a massive cyber breach a few months ago. Given that the attack was one of the largest breaches of personal information in recent years, you’ve probably already heard about it. But if …

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Secure your endpoints: Locky ransomware launches massive email campaigns

Locky ransomware's email campaigns

Just when organizations were starting to feel safe after WannaCry and Petyasecurity experts have detected another serious ransomware attack in the form of a massive email campaign: Locky.

According to security researchers at AppR

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Use a hybrid Exchange environment? Exchange Reporter Plus has got your back!

Cloud technology is becoming important for most companies, sometimes with entire businesses being run on the cloud. And let’s face it—the cloud has obvious advantages over on-premises options, such as increased reliability, reduced downtime and cost, and more. Companies using …

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Curb alert noise and stay on top of critical alerts

Our criteria-based alerting system has already helped countless organizations filter out unimportant alerts, making sure admins only get notifications for the events that really matter. As if that wasn’t enough, we’re taking things up a notch with our standalone noise …

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