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ServiceDesk Plus takes second in Capterra’s list of the most popular help desk software

We are pleased to announce that Capterra has recognized ServiceDesk Plus as the second most popular IT help desk in their latest report.

Capterra helps organizations choose the best software for their business by offering a comprehensive list of …

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What companies should know about the Kaspersky breach

Kaspersky breach

While enterprises around the world are preparing themselves for external hacking attempts and evolving threats, one particular company is now the subject of an interesting case of cyber warfare: Kaspersky. Israeli intelligence reportedly discovered Russian hackers using Kaspersky, a …

Desktop Central 2 min read

Everything you need to know about linked mailbox management

What are linked mailboxes? Well, normal mailboxes on Exchange servers are only for users within that server’s associated Active Directory (AD) forest. A linked mailbox lets you deploy an Exchange server in one forest while allowing users present in various …

Active Directory 2 min read

Deleting unlinked Group Policy Objects

There are many moving parts with regard to Group Policy. With so many concepts, it can be difficult to know which areas of Group Policy you should focus on. Here we are going to focus on linked and unlinked Group …

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Active Directory group membership management done right

If you’re an administrator, at some point you may have felt like Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Dom Cobb in the movie Inception. Active Directory administrators in particular know that feeling of being stuck in a dream within a dream within a …

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Free e-book: Six best practices for escaping ransomware

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Breaking news about cyber attacks has reached an all-time high recently, with ransomware attacks topping the list. Decades after Dr. Joseph Popp orchestrated the first ransomware attack in 1989, ransomware has been gaining momentum in recent years. Just this May, …

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Self-signed certificates: Wolves in sheeps’ clothing

Things often turn out great when you do them yourself. But when it comes to signing SSL certificates, you might want to give that DIY project a second thought. Before digging deep into the risks of using self-signed certificates, let’s …

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Generate alarm reports to drill down into the data that’s important to you

You know that long list of incidents that you’ve been avoiding? The hundreds of alerts that were generated just last month? You and your IT Ops team might have resolved those alerts, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of your …

AlarmsOne 2 min read

Microsoft Patch Tuesday: October 2017 updates

Microsoft patch tuesday october 2017

Microsoft patch tuesday october 2017

Another Patch Tuesday is here, along with a huge set of both security and non-security patches. We strongly recommend patching all these latest security patches right away to avoid unnecessary security breaches, while installing the …

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Six things to consider before choosing a log management solution

Budgeting for IT has always been a problematic topic of discussion when planning an organization’s total budget. Organizations typically want to buy cutting-edge security solutions at the lowest cost possible. But we all know there is no such thing as …

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