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TeamViewer hacked: Here’s how to protect your systems

TeamViewer hacked

After reports of a serious bug, the developers behind the popular remote desktop management software TeamViewer has released an important patch to seal this vulnerability. Since TeamViewer allows users to share what’s displayed on their desktops with anyone in …

Patch Manager Plus 2 min read

Create flexible alerts with AlarmsOne’s all-new Alarm Modifier

In our never-ending quest to find ways to curb alert noise, we’ve come up with some amazing features for AlarmsOne. Sure, features like noise reduction and multi-criteria alerting help cut down on noise, but to step up our game a …

AlarmsOne 2 min read

Common mistakes administrators make when applying GPOs – Part 1

Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy (GP) are essential components of most enterprises, so it goes without saying that making changes to AD and GP should be done with care. Thus,over the next few blogs I will be covering common …

Active Directory 1 min read

5 building blocks for seamless endpoint security

Endpoint security tips

Enterprise security has become a top priority with the recent spike in cyber attacks. With so many tasks piling up for IT administrators, many are left with a minimum amount of time to check on IT security. Unfortunately not all …

Desktop Central 3 min read

Our new privileged identity management suite is now available!

Yes! We just launched our new privileged identity management (PIM) suite, an enterprise-grade, all-inclusive solution that enables IT admins to discover, store, control, and monitor all privileged identities from a single, unified platform. Before we tell you more about …

IT Security 3 min read

How SIEM can help with auditing and compliance

Recent cyber breaches and tighter compliance regulations are pushing businesses to invest more heavily in IT security. You and your organization may very well be in the process of assessing your defenses and planning a clear security strategy. If that’s …

IT Security 2 min read

Why Desktop Central is the best SCCM alternative

sccm alternative

Managing endpoint devices is a tough job, especially without the right IT management software. Microsoft is a leader in the endpoint management field, but is there a better alternative to System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)? Some kind of endpoint management …

Desktop Central 3 min read

macOS High Sierra security flaw – How to automatically patch vulnerable Macs


2017 has been a busy year for the cybersecurity industry. With the increase in vulnerabilities, security flaws, and large data breaches, the importance of IT security has been on consumers’ minds.

Like any vendor, Apple has made security a top …

Patch Manager Plus 2 min read

Uber’s latest data breach drives home GDPR lessons

After a relatively quick rise, the entire Uber empire is at risk of falling apart. Uber has already been spending a lot of resources on public relations, legal challenges, as well as marketing exercises to sustain growth in the European …

IT Security 2 min read

Optimize GPO processing, Part 1: How does Group Policy work?

Group Policy is a great mechanism for deploying numerous settings across different Active Directory (AD) objects. But AD can become cluttered over time as more Group Policy Objects (GPOs) become unused and disabled, leading to inefficient GPO processing. In this …

Active Directory 2 min read