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Why Desktop Central is the best SCCM alternative

sccm alternative

Managing endpoint devices is a tough job, especially without the right IT management software. Microsoft is a leader in the endpoint management field, but is there a better alternative to System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)? Some kind of endpoint management …

Desktop Central 3 min read

macOS High Sierra security flaw – How to automatically patch vulnerable Macs


2017 has been a busy year for the cybersecurity industry. With the increase in vulnerabilities, security flaws, and large data breaches, the importance of IT security has been on consumers’ minds.

Like any vendor, Apple has made security a top …

Patch Manager Plus 2 min read

Uber’s latest data breach drives home GDPR lessons

After a relatively quick rise, the entire Uber empire is at risk of falling apart. Uber has already been spending a lot of resources on public relations, legal challenges, as well as marketing exercises to sustain growth in the European …

IT Security 2 min read

Optimize GPO processing, Part 1: How does Group Policy work?

Group Policy is a great mechanism for deploying numerous settings across different Active Directory (AD) objects. But AD can become cluttered over time as more Group Policy Objects (GPOs) become unused and disabled, leading to inefficient GPO processing. In this …

Active Directory 2 min read

Intel SA-00086 vulnerability: Is your enterprise at risk? 

Intel SA-00086 vulnerability

2017 is about to end. But is your fight against vulnerabilities just beginning?

This Thanksgiving, Intel decided to talk turkey about a string of vulnerabilities, Intel SA-00086, that external researchers discovered in their chips. When one of every 10 …

Desktop & Mobile 3 min read

Empower your ServiceNow technicians for Active Directory management

Imagine how efficient your help desk would be if it were empowered to deal with IT issues and manage Active Directory (AD) users from a single console. This is the vision that inspired the product developers at our ADSolutions research …

General 1 min read

Manage content effortlessly using Mobile Device Manager Plus

When near-field communication (NFC) first came into the market, it felt like magic. It was the answer to all our document sharing frustrations, since a bump was all that was needed to share documents from one device to another. But …

General 2 min read

Desktop Central’s configurations just got bigger and better!

Desktop Central is bringing a whole new gamut of configurations to your desktops this October. Streamline your mundane, repetitive administrative tasks with customizable configuration templates, deploy custom scripts to your Linux machines, amp up your authentication and security procedures with …

General 2 min read

How to easily find a GPO’s Administrative Template settings

I’d like to propose a challenge for all you users working with native Active Directory tools: find a way to change the period of inactivity before Windows begins hibernating for every system on your entire domain.

Here’s a clue: …

Active Directory 2 min read

Common mistakes administrators make when applying GPOs – Part 3

Although it’s not directly related to the application of Group Policy Objects (GPOs), administrators typically do not back up their GPOs so they can recover in case of a disaster. In fact, Microsoft only provides limited control over GPO backup …

Active Directory 2 min read