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Stewart McKie Applauds Applications Manager

Stewart McKie has covered Google Maps integration with Applications Manager, in his The article is available as a PDF – IT Resource Visualization

IT Resource VisualizationLocation analytics is fast becoming one of the most interesting areas of IT

Applications Manager 1 min read

NetFlow Analyzer Beta Program

We had a beta for NFA 5 because we wanted as many new users to use it before we went out with a stable release. We were simply amazed at the amount of feedback that we got and we thank …

NetFlow Analyzer 1 min read

Server virtualization tips by Jason Powell

Jason, an OpManager user and Technology Director at Granger Community Church writes in his blog about his latest experiment – server virtualization. He is going to run a bunch of apps from a single physical server and multiple virtual …

OpManager 1 min read

Windows security: Is it weak?

I read the below document in by Derek Melber. It explains about the importance of configuring security policies in windows servers and desktops using Group Policy. Just I thought to share with you …

The level of security

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Cruising at 35000 ft ? You can still be online !!!

Author: Siva

Unwinding from business and escaping into a internet free world when on flight can be a thing of past. Now we have Hotspots in the Sky!!!!!!!

Thanks to Singapore Airlines and Connexions, I was able to experience inflight …

wifimanager 1 min read

Getting Domain Admin User Account Details

Desktop Central is a configuration product so admin privilege is MUST to perform various desktop management activities such as remote configuration, software installation, etc. But will it be possible to get it in every scenario ? It is not an …

Desktop Central 1 min read

Olle Bergstr?m did not read the manual!

Olle Bergstr?m, WM-data Sverige AB, Sweden shared his views on working with ManageEngine Applications Manager.

“Applications Manager of all things was very easy to use, right out of the box! Agentless Monitoring really makes life easy for administrators. It is …

Applications Manager 1 min read

Do you want SQL Server support?

On and off we get a request for supporting SQL Server.

Here is a classic example:

How about SQL Server support? I have nothing against MySQL, but we are mainly a SQL Server shop here and it would make

NetFlow Analyzer 1 min read

ServiceDesk Plus & Crystal Reports Integration

Here is an evolving article that will help you create your own reports using Crystal Reports based on ServiceDesk Plus database.

ServiceDesk Plus & Crystal Reports

Download PDF

I am calling this an evolving article, because it needs your contribution …

ServiceDesk Plus 1 min read

Out of office response

Author: NFA

NetFlow Analyzer team is going for an extended weekend outing starting 20:00hrs IST on Thursday (Mar 2nd) and returning on Monday morning IST (Mar 06th).

Whats so special?

This outing is being planned for the last 3 months …

NetFlow Analyzer 1 min read