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Remote Backup – SignUp For Free Trial

How would you feel if your server crashes after you spend 4 hours configuring say the five hundred or so devices in your network into the OpManager’s mind?

I can’t find a word to describe how someone would feel at …

OpManager 1 min read

Supported Access Points – Easier Access

WiFi Manager 4.3 supports more than 70 models of access points from 17 vendors. If you would like to check whether your model is supported, go to

We have segregated the level of support that WiFi Manager provides for …

wifimanager 1 min read

Automate Dispatch and Relax

Happy Easter / Happy long weekend – take whatever suits you 8) .

Getting back from a long weekend can charge you up, but most of the times, the backlog of mails and requests kills the day.

Help Desk Analyst …

ServiceDesk Plus 2 min read

Tip: Starting Applications Manager when Linux boots

You might be wondering, how to start Applications Manager when Linux boots (akin to starting Applications Manager as service in Windows).

Well, you have to make certain modifications. Follow the steps given below:

In Linux, when the machine boots, the …

Applications Manager 1 min read

NetFlow v9 – What would YOU like to see?

Author: Senthil


We are currently working on supporting NetFlow version 9.

We would like to know your specific areas of interest in NetFlow v9, so that we make sure that we bring it in. Any inputs on your usage …

NetFlow Analyzer 1 min read

CRN Reviews MSP Edition

Vincent A. Randazzese from CRN today reviewed OpManager MSP Edition and published an article titled “AdventNet?s OpManager Offers More Than Simple Monitoring

OpManager 1 min read

WiFi Manager 4.3 is finally out there

After a flurry of activity through the day (and night), we have finally made it. ManageEngine WiFi Manager4.3 is hot off the press and ready for download.

The download link is

Key feature highlights in the new release:

– …

wifimanager 1 min read

Desktop Central 4 Released

It’s Out… yeap Desktop Central 4 is out there for General Availability.

Check for the patch integrated Desktop Central demo.

I would realy love to thank the Early Access users who had given some valuable realtime feedbacks for shaping …

Desktop Central 1 min read

Introducing Stefano from Italy


Stefano is an enthusiastic OpManager user from Italy. He writes regularly about OpManager and other ManageEngine products. I invited him to write in our blogs and he agreed. [Thank you stefano]. The one below is Stefano’s first post. Great …

OpManager 1 min read

Automating ServiceDesk Plus DB backups

The importance of having all your information accessable is already sold. This saves me time as I need not explain the importance of backing up all your requests and related info.

I see a few customers taking backups only when …

ServiceDesk Plus 1 min read