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Token of help

A team treat that was planned last week, took a noble turn. The money that was pooled in for the treat was donated as contribution towards covering the operation expenses of a 7 day old baby. The request for contribution …

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Key to continued reliance…..

One of our long standing, most respected customer sent this feedback.

We wanted to manage our network servers proactively. We desired a \”snap-shot\” of each server, with CPU, Memory, disk utilization — opmanager provided this for us. Overall I

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Customer Appreciates

Felt good to read this feedback from Volkan G?nayd?n, ISKI, T?rkiye. It also doubles our responsibilty to ship better and better products!



“We used MOM 2000 and 2005 before ApplicationsManager. We were not satisfied with the reports that …

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OpManager Reviewed By Server Watch

The difference between OpManager and products like IBM Tivoli Monitoring is in the framework for rules and policies applied to the monitoring. Although OpManager has similar monitoring and trigger-level capabilities, it doesn’t embed them in a comprehensive policy-setting and event-handling …

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Applications Manager to speak different languages

We are currently engaged in the Internationalization of AppManager. We would love to see AppManager in all languages. As a first cut we are working on having the Chinese & Japanese versions out. Slowly, AppManager would learn the other languages …

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Welcome to Applications Manager Blog

Welcome to our blogs section. We at AppManager, would like to have an enthusiastic conversation with you all. You can expect some tips on how to handle AppManager, some articles that give you insight into Applications management, some news on …

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Oh no i kicked the laptop…

Who hasn’t experienced this. Laptop is running out of gas, you manage to pull the chair near that plug only to forget it later and you kick the cord as you walk leaving the laptop flying…..thud…there she goes on the …

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Don’t worry, be crappy.

Guy’s post titled The Art Of Innovation talks about the truths of innovation. I liked this point 2 in particular and i believe it is the case with all 1.0 versions of software in general.

Picking the right set of …

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Let’s Link Up

Do you have an IT-related Blog, let’s link up.

I am hoping that this will help everyone of us.

– If you are Help Desk Staff / Admin, you can understand how other Help Desk Staff / Admin around the …

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Cisco wants to manage your networks and apps

Cisco has put out its desire to manage your networks and applications. The Network Application Performance Analysis Solution (NAPA) will compete against established NM frameworks. This move draws a lot of attention because size does matter. In this article Dennis …

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