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Interop, Las Vegas 2006

I know that I left you in the dark for quite sometime, sorry about that. Hey, but wait I have a good excuse – I was out there at the Interop show, Las Vegas. Interop and the casinos at Vegas …

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Alert Configuration made easy

My personal favourite in the ‘threshold to attribute mapping screen’ in Applications Manager is the option ‘Apply to all monitors’. You can find it in the ‘Configure Alerts’ link for any specific metric / attribute.

For eg: I had over …

Applications Manager 1 min read

Three Clicks And You Blocked That Rogue Access Point

Let me show you how –

1. Click on the Inventory tab in WiFi Manager.

2. Rogue Access Points are detected by the symbol next to the “Name”. Click on the Rogue Access Point, you want to block and you …

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Interop 2006 Roundup

Except for the lousy slogan on the T-shirt, which read “Interop Made Me Smart” (as if you were dumb earlier…Interop Made Me Smarter would have been better!), Interop vegas was quite interesting and successful.

Interesting because we gave away few …

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Having trouble adding servers with same DNS name?

Few of our customers have a setup like – one DNS name is mapped to multiple physical servers (multiple ip addresses). Say for example, three machines,, have same DNS name “cluster”. When you add one of the …

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The Next NetFlow Analyzer Release

We now have a fair amount of visibility into when the next release of NFA will happen. We have decided to call it NFA 5.5 Early Access and should be available around the 15th of June.

The features that this …

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Blogging from interop las vegas


Am out there in the interop show 2006 las vegas booth number 759. Its going good here. Got to see some of our old opmanager customers here. They came over to our booth and said some good words about …

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Remote Desktop Sharing

Remote Desktop Sharing

In recent years, a new breed of troubleshooting has emerged and rapidly conquered the entire IT segment support. From a common user?s perception, I would always want a person to come and do a rectification or repair …

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Wireless-N’.. are you ready?

Author: Nithya Chandar

It looks like the 802.11n is now somewhere, everywhere but nowhere. While it is not yet officially declared as the final word, the last few months seem to have had enough grapewines buzzing about the IEEE ‘s …

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Applications Manager 6.6 Released

Yahoo! ManageEngine Applications Manager 6.6 is out.

Some of the new features included are

– Support for Oracle Application Server Monitoring

– Support for Tru64 Unix Monitoring

– Support for Windows Event Logs monitoring

– Support for LAMP Edition and …

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