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Reporting Live on ServiceDesk Plus Release 5500

ServiceDesk Plus 5500 was actually released on the 4th of July, quite a memorable date right!

ServiceDesk Plus Reports are enhanced to a great extent



– Custom Report Wizard

– Query reports

– Scheduled reports.

– More reports. …

ServiceDesk Plus 1 min read

Sanity and WiFi Manager

Sanity Testing is something I understood today… This is what Wikipedia says, “A sanity test or “smoke test” is a brief run-through of the main functionality of a computer program or other product. It gives a measure of confidence that …

wifimanager 1 min read

How big an Active Directory database can grow

Author: Desktop Central

I read this interesting blog by Eric in Technet blogs. It is about the Active Directory Data base size. Eric has done a test on the practical limits of Active Directory data base size. It seems he …

Desktop Central 1 min read

OpManager Vs HP OpenView Network Node Manager

Stefano has made a comparison between OpManager and HP OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM) in his new websiteblog – (new .eu domain buddy?). You can checkout his old italian site here. Hey thanks Stefano.

One of the critical …

OpManager 1 min read

Applications Manager 7 Released

ManageEngine Applications Manager 7 is out in the open, waiting for your feedback.


Existing Customers can apply the service pack, to upgrade to Release 7

Features that have been rolled in are

– Enterprise Edition – Support …

Applications Manager 1 min read

Gearing up for ApplicationsManager 7

We are going in full swing, to roll out our next major release Applications Manager 7. The highlight of this release is to unveil the Enterprise Edition.

Now what is this Enterprise Edition all about?

Enterprise Edition would help customers …

Applications Manager 1 min read

Trying to send an SMS alert ?

We often get queries on alternate ways of sending an SMS from our product. Currently it is possible only if your ISP supports sending you an sms via email.

I just happened to evaluate an easy to use email to …

Applications Manager 2 min read

Am I configuring properly ?

We had a potential customer who was not sure whether he had configured Applications Manager (AM) properly and whether he was viewing all data. They were viewing only partial WebLogic metrics, i.e availaiblity and response times only, by default. Due …

Applications Manager 1 min read

CIscoVX not getting discovered? Check this out..

Author: Nithya Chandar

Did you turn things upside down in your WiFiManager when you faced a typical issue – your Cisco Vx works not being discovered properly?

Just Freeze . The solution is a one liner ” your credentials may …

wifimanager 1 min read

Putting an end to those repeated alerts..

Author: Nithya Chandar

Do you keep receiving email alerts for that default SSID being used or that the EAP is disabled? Are you frustrated by the repeated alerts you get? Here’s the simple way out..You can very well instruct your …

wifimanager 1 min read