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5/5 – Thank you

We just got an email from that says our software has been rated “Outstanding 5/5” award by their editors. We have got five stars from other editors too, over the years.

We want to take this time to thank …

wifimanager 1 min read

Customer Helps Out

Alexei Roudnev from Exigengroup, helped us resolve an issue in monitoring via SNMP mode for SLES9. All SNMP agents were upgraded to the new one from SLES9 ServciePack3 and the issue got fixed.

So the customer recommends snmpd from SLES9 …

Applications Manager 1 min read

OpManager MSP Edition – Top questions so far

Thought i will compile the list of top questions that our early customers have been asking so far.

1. Can i monitor devices from multiple-customers with one probe? (Assuming that i have either a VPN connection or the devices

OpManager 1 min read

What would YOU like to see in NFA 6

We released NFA 5 about 10 days back and these releases are followed by a week or so of low activitiy levels where nothing much happens. We were determined not to let this happen this time. We wanted to have …

NetFlow Analyzer 1 min read

While fishing for Phishing…

Author: Nithya Chandar

While trying to learn to swim in the Techy waters and also fishout any new terminologies here, I did have a good catch, almost a net ful ! What I found interesting is the term “phishing”, it …

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Whats needed to run a successful MSP business?

Affordable software? Right pricing model? Efficient team? Some help from God? Couple of BIG customers? Adopting the right technology? Avoiding age old contracts? Carefully written down SLAs?

May be they are all important; in the sense they help you stay …

OpManager 1 min read

Active Directory Delegation

Recently, I was involved in the Desktop Central delegated administration tests in the windows 2003 based domain. I tried this using native Microsoft delegation wizard tools. For some references i happened to read the official Microsoft 2003 delegation document.

It’s …

Desktop Central 3 min read

Down Under: Wireless Australia 2006

We are taking part in the Wireless Australia 2006 event at the Sydney Convention Centre on 28th February & 1st March.

Conferences/exhibitions that are exclusively conducted on Wireless technologies are getting very popular these days. If you were to google …

wifimanager 1 min read

Switching from trusted advisors to MSP

For long, SMBs have relied on VARs and System Integrators for technical guidance. In 2005 SMBs spent $200billion on IT and without a doubt these spendings have a greater influence of the VAR/SI. When both the hardware and software vendors …

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Remote network management tops managed services list

MSPAlliance does a good job of surveying hundreds of managed service providers and publishing the key insights. Here’s one such report on the type of managed services offered by the MSPs.…

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