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What Next? Italian or Brazilian Portuguese or…

After our localized release of SDP, the first ones to hit us (with lot of mails and posts) were our Italian Prospects (fans) saying “You should have done an Italian version too”.

From the comments to my previous blog

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New Website Monitoring Service : Site24×7

[ <b>Mood:</b> Cool ]<br />[ <b>Currently:</b> Working ]<br />We launched a new website monitoring service called Site24x7. If you find going through the process of downloading and installing a software to monitor your websites cumbersome, you can use Site24x7

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NFA in Las Vegas

We are going to be at Networkers 2006 – June 18-23, 2006 Las Vegas, NV, Booth 645. We expect to showcase the NetFlow Analyzer 5500 Early Access during this show. Drop in at our stall if you are planning to …

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Don’t run MSP Edition in virtual servers with lower priority

Couple of weeks back i met Schema Networks president Scott Weaver in orange county. Scott is very much a hands-on guy servicing numerous law and architectural firms in that county. He has been evaluating OpManager MSP edition for long and …

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Interop : App. Manager Update

Dev already blogged on our Interop visit but stayed clear off App. Manager leaving something for me to post 🙂 In short, we had a good Interop show in Las Vegas.

We had a lot of people coming to our …

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SDP speaks Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Swedish…

…Japanese, and Chinese.

Yes, we have released ServiceDesk Plus in 7 languages..

more language support is going to follow.

Now you can extend the ServiceDesk Plus experience to your local users. Before you start taking it for a ride, …

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Review in SQL Server

An in-depth review of Applications Manager, from a SQL Server DBA point of view has appeared in SQL Server

ManageEngine Applications Manager offers unique features that are very helpful to DBAs. Although I focused on its use with

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Interop, Las Vegas 2006

I know that I left you in the dark for quite sometime, sorry about that. Hey, but wait I have a good excuse – I was out there at the Interop show, Las Vegas. Interop and the casinos at Vegas …

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Alert Configuration made easy

My personal favourite in the ‘threshold to attribute mapping screen’ in Applications Manager is the option ‘Apply to all monitors’. You can find it in the ‘Configure Alerts’ link for any specific metric / attribute.

For eg: I had over …

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Three Clicks And You Blocked That Rogue Access Point

Let me show you how –

1. Click on the Inventory tab in WiFi Manager.

2. Rogue Access Points are detected by the symbol next to the “Name”. Click on the Rogue Access Point, you want to block and you …

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