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OpManager MSP Edition

Am getting a little excited over the next flavor of OpManager- the remote network monitoring edition catering to MSPs. Been interacting with few of the early evaluators of this product and am amazed by their contributions. They simply attach themselves …

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Do we need a blog

[ <b>Currently:</b> Listening to Led Zeppelin ]<br />I was just starting to wonder if we REALLY NEEDED a blog. After a brief meeting of the Aye-sayers and the Nay-sayers we were no closer to a decision. In our team, we …

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Windows Vs Linux downloads

There is a Linux download and Windows download of Applications Manager. Now, whatz the difference between the two? Letz get this clear before you download.

The additional features in Windows download that are not available in Linux download are

* …

Applications Manager 1 min read

Great to know

Author: Siva

Great to know that Aruba Networks one of the pioneers in the wlan switch industry, has had their first profitable quarter. Their revenue has exceeded their operational expenses by more than $1 Million for the fiscal quarter ended …

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Applications Manager 6055 released

We have rolled out our next release – Applications Manager 6055.

The highlights are

1. Integration of Google Maps to have an empowered Business View

2. Weblogic 9.1 support

3. JBoss 4.0.3 support

Do download the product & let …

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SupportCenterPlus – Customer Support Software is out!

SupportCenter Plus is out. SupportCenter Plus , customer support software from the makers of ServiceDesk Plus. You will have the same ease of use, simple and powerful features that will help you get your job done(actually job well done)

You …

ServiceDesk Plus 1 min read

Solaris Monitoring

We had few queries on Solaris Monitoring in our support. We do monitor CPU, Memory, Disk utilization of solaris out of the box.


We have Applications Manager downloads for Windows and Linux only. You can install AppMgr in …

Applications Manager 1 min read

Meet Mark Brody

This is probably the best quote that any software developer can ask for. Had it in my inbox for sometime but couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Thanks Mark.

“Last weekend we zip-lined 1,100 feet across a canyon at Whistler, …

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Ten Tips to Effectively Manage Networked Desktops

As part of the team that is developing Desktop management product, Desktop Central, I am sharing here my learnings on Desktop management. While doing the research and analysis on the difficulty network administrators face managing desktops, I came across …

Desktop Central 2 min read

Network monitoring using music?

The Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning has created software that translates network and server activity into music. Meaning, your IT team will listen to a steady flow of music and when they listen a sudden string …

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