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Post about ADManager Plus in Swedish forum

It’s nice to see that people are starting to find out ADManager Plus. Tatsumi at in an Swedish forum post tittled ‘Advice about new web based tools’ has metioned about the advantages of using ADManager Plus and version 4.1 …

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10 Important GPO security settings for Administrators

This blog is a reproduction of an article from Microsoft Technet Magazine, Spring 2005, titled ’10 Easy Ways To Lock Down Your Computer’ by Derek Melber. Derek is a contributing editor to many popular IT based web publications and co-author …

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4008 – Released!!!

We just released our ADManager Plus 4008 build.

Here are some of the major fixes and enhancements:

1. Customized Naming Formats.

2. Computer Modifications.

3. Additional Reports.

Click here to learn more about 4008 build fixes and enhancements

Please visit …

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EventLog Analyzer Listed In NetworkWorld!

EventLog Analyzer is now listed in NetworkWorld IT Buyer’s Guide for Security Event Management Products.

This Buyer’s Guide comprises Security Event Management/Security Information Management products that collect, collate and report on the log information of a variety of

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French, Portuguese, Spanish AppManager Websites

Now! Applications Manager will connect more with the French, Portuguese and spanish customers.

Yes..We are out with our first installment of Non-English websites.

Have a look at the

Spanish Website

French Website

Portuguese Website


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Managed (Firewall) Security Services with Firewall Analyzer

The managed security services model is becoming more appealing and cost effective for enterprises because it requires no hardware or software on client premises, thus removing the need for on-site maintenance and added layers of complexity to the infrastructure. Today, …

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ADManager Plus – Update

It’s been a long time since I blogged. After the Release of ADManager Plus 4 GA on April 1st 06, our team is engaged in developing more features and enhacing the existing features requested by our users.

We are getting …

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Preventive Maintenance for hard disks in Desktop Central

In continuation to my earlier blog about improving the performance of desktops, this post has some information regarding the initiatives that Desktop Central had taken inline. Maintaining the desktops hard disks with proper disk cleanup, regular defragment for performance and …

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CRN mag talks about OpManager MSP Edition, again

CRN magazine had reviewed OpManager MSP Edition couple of months ago. Now CRN talks about MSP Edition again.

Dan Neel of CRN magazine has written an article about MSP Edition. In his article titled ‘AdventNet Offers Free, Unlimited Trial Of …

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Huge Log Files

[ <b>Currently:</b> Reading ]<br />Many times we get customers who find it difficult to send us the Support Information File (log files) as they are very huge. Also when running in production for a long time, the log files tend …

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