A ‘Perfect 10.’ What do you associate this with? Is it the symbol of perfection? Soccer has an obsession with the number; it has appeared on the jerseys of stars that include Pelé, Maradona and Messi. A score of 10, previously unattainable, became a reality in gymnastics during the 1976 Olympics, when a slight Romanian girl named Nadia Comăneci redefined what was possible on the uneven parallel bars. The number 10 has even played a role in the IT world: Apple Computer proclaimed OS-X Mountain Lion to be the best OS version it ever built.

The number 10 has been on our minds at ManageEngine, too. Why? In the last 10 days, we have loaded Site24x7, our SaaS-based application monitoring solution, with its latest feature set. We have raised the scalability bar of OpManager, too, so that it can now monitor 1 million interfaces — at what is still the most affordable price in the market.

However, today we reveal our biggest news yet: We are delighted to announce the biggest and yet the most simplified version of our unified IT management solution, IT360 v10.0.

Two words that highlight this release are BIG and SIMPLE (and think for a moment about how unusual it is to see these two words together in the IT world!). We are proud to claim that this is the biggest release because of the 10 massive, power-packed features and enhancements being shipped with this release. We have considered feedback from our valuable customers to introduce a level of simplicity and clarity in the way the product operates. We have also modified the information display on the unified dashboard. IT360 has been on the market for close to three years, and since its inception, the unique selling proposition of IT360 has been its ability to manage IT operations and IT services with ITIL best practices from its unified console.

We released the beta version in April 2013, and since then, we have been holding product demonstrations to solicit customer feedback. Jason Beckett, an enterprise system administrator at Prime Healthcare Services in the U.S., said, “We have a huge infrastructure that is spread across several locations. Being able to capture all of our systems automatically rather than relying on an import of a .CSV file will greatly ease the administrative overhead. Our company is growing through acquisitions, so the auto-discovery feature will greatly streamline the process of adding all of the devices from the new companies we are adding.” We heard you, Jason.

Here’s the list of those 10 features and enhancements that take IT360 10.0 to a near-perfect 10 score:

  1. Unified discovery: IT360 can now discover network and application infrastructure from a single discovery engine. It can categorize the discovered devices automatically and give you an option to populate them in the built-in CMDB.
  2. Enterprise search: An industry-first attempt to mine structured data from the RDBMS of various applications, IT360 ships this feature as part of the package at no additional cost. Administrators and non-IT users can use key words to search and view data from third-party applications without having to understand SQL database schemas.
  3. Track IT projects better with project management: Several IT projects run in parallel and are either tracked using a separate project management tool or are organized for easy accessibility and understanding. The new version comes with an integrated project management module. All projects can be initiated and tracked efficiently using the monitoring solution itself.
  4. APM Insight: The application performance management module of IT360 provides an additional monitoring metric that ensures the best end-user experience. IT360 can now monitor user satisfaction levels by using Apdex scores of the applications running on Java, .NET and Ruby on Rails.
  5. Switch-port mapping and IP address management: Data center admins no longer have to rely on spreadsheets to manage critical infrastructure. IT360 can discover devices plugged into each port of a specified switch and map their availability from the unified dashboard. IT360 10.0 can also periodically scan a subnet and provide the availability status of IP addresses in that specific subnet.
  6. Automated network topology mapping: With IT360 10.0, you can automate the topology mapping mechanism. Now, administrators and IT managers can view interconnected network devices on a map which is populated automatically based on the relations that are provided.
  7. Tuned for faster response: The code in the new version of IT360 has been reworked to fine-tune the product in order to avoid sluggishness during peak operational hours. The probe central server communication medium has also been improved for faster reporting and collection of data from various sites.
  8. Enhancing the do-it-yourself approach: The new IT360 comes with an enhanced admin workflow and configuration wizard. Guidelines have been added at every step of the configuration to improve efficiency.
  9. Designed for a better visual experience: We have moved away from the traditional user interface for monitoring. The new IT360 GUI is designed to de-clutter the dashboard, enabling users to readily see the information that is important.
  10. Configuring devices made easy: In addition to extensive reporting and configurable dashboards, the new version of IT360 also comes with threshold templates. Most of these templates are designed based on vendor and customer experience.

Read more about these features here. You can also download a free trial version of the product or visit the demo setup to see it in action. Go ahead and give it a try by downloading it for free. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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