Picture this: Your organization has been planning for a conference. The IT admin team needs to make sure network security is intact throughout the conference, since a secure and well-connected network defines the event’s success.

But, according to a recent study by Statista, the global average cost of data breach cost between May 2020 and 2023 was $4.45 million That’s a hefty price tag for compromised data, and it highlights the critical role of robust data security measures in organizations.

Wondering what the cost of a security breach has to do with ensuring network security for a conference? In this blog, we’ll discuss keeping your network secured during an event like a conference, and how ManageEngine OpUtils can help you achieve this.

Challenges faced in a dynamic network during events

A conference scenario isn’t similar to a typical network environment in an office setting. During an event, there will be a surge in the number of unknown devices connecting to the network. These devices will be of different types and have diverse operating systems. From this list of unknown devices, differentiating potential unauthorized devices from the authorized ones is difficult.

But the consequences of failing to secure a network could result in data breaches, exposing the organization’s sensitive information. And not just that—it could also result in a disruption of services and damage the organization’s reputation.

So, how can you pick out and take control of an unauthorized device from a list of unknown devices?
Imagine manually tracing cables, struggling to identify connected devices, and worrying about unauthorized access all at the same time. A switch port mapper with rogue device detection capabilities is all you need to avoid these hassles.

Top features to consider in rogue device detection software

Here are some of the top features you should consider when investing in rogue device detection software.

Automated discovery: Rogue device detection software should automatically discover all the devices connected to the network.

Authenticity profiling: The software you choose should allow you to quickly compare connected devices with pre-approved lists and classify the discovered devices in the network as trusted or rogue. It should have an option for guests, too, since the participants of any event will be temporary users accessing the network.

Suspicious device isolation: The tool should have an option to remotely block switch ports connecting unauthorized devices to the network. This way, you can quickly prevent unauthorized devices from accessing the network.

Alerts and notifications: The solution should raise alerts for scenarios like ARP spoofing or guest validity expiration. This keeps you informed about network incidents and empowers you to take corrective actions immediately.

AD integration: Choosing a tool with AD integration offers additional benefits, improving rogue device detection by verifying network connections with authenticated user data, which facilitates the rapid identification of unauthorized devices.

In addition to these functionalities, the tool should include features for monitoring switch ports to not only reinforce the security aspect but also allow for comprehensive network scrutiny during events.

Top features to consider in a rogue detection and switch port mapper solution

Let’s read about a few features the switch port mapper you choose should have.

Proactive monitoring: The tool should be able to monitor the switch port activity of the network continuously, allowing you to understand the connections and disconnections happening in the network in real time.

Port identification: Manual cable tracing is tedious and sometimes downright impossible in organizations, and it’s definitely not doable in conference scenarios. The tool you choose should offer comprehensive insights on connected ports, automatically recognizing the devices connected to each switch port to streamline network management and troubleshooting processes.

Port history: The tool should maintain a history of port usage, enabling you to analyze port utilization trends, identify faults, and optimize the network better.

Why should you use OpUtils for network management?

OpUtils is an IP address management (IPAM) and switch port mapper solution that empowers you to take control of your IP address space. Its built-in rogue device detection module helps identify unauthorized devices in the network and blocks them immediately. However, that’s not all OpUtils is about! Let’s delve into how OpUtils facilitates IP network management with ease.


OpUtils effectively helps monitor the IP address space and streamline IP address allocation and tracking. With subnet monitoring capabilities, you can closely monitor IP utilization, thereby optimizing resource allocation. OpUtils simplifies DHCP server monitoring by allowing you to configure DHCP scopes and monitor DHCP lease information, ensuring efficient IP address assignment across the network.

Switch port mapping:

OpUtils’ switch port management capabilities enable you to understand port mapping in real time, helping you gain visibility into network connectivity. The port utilization metric within the switch port mapper module empowers you to optimize network resources and pinpoint potential bottlenecks.

Rogue device detection:

OpUtils’ rogue device detection capabilities help identify unauthorized devices, such as computers, printers, or IoT devices. The authentication profiling in OpUtils helps scrutinize device behavior by analyzing historical switch port connectivity, empowering you to promptly classify them as authorized, guest, or rogue devices. Guest devices come with a validity period. Additionally, OpUtils enables instant port blocking, empowering you to swiftly respond to unauthorized device identifications, dismiss unauthorized access, and proactively address risks to fortify network security.

Alerts and reports:

OpUtils sends alerts through customized notification channels, keeping you informed about network issues. It supports email and syslog for alert notifications, ensuring you receive alerts through your preferred communication channels. With granular reporting capabilities, you can effortlessly generate reports on IP address usage, switch port activity, rogue device detection, and other vital network metrics instantly, or schedule them for later use.

Apart from this, OpUtils also has features like an advanced IP scanner, over 30 comprehensive network tools, and versatile features for monitoring the network and bandwidth to drill down to the specifics of any issue.

Book a live demo with our product experts today to understand how OpUtils can save your network during important events. If you want to experience OpUtils hands-on today, download a free, 30-day trial now.