GFK is Germany’s largest market research institute and the fourth biggest market research organization in the world. It has a global digital presence in over 60 countries, with around 120 offices, and has been providing consumer and market insights for over 85 years.

How OpManager helped GFK

GFK struggled to find the right solution while managing its data centers and relied on too many management platforms. It used individual vendor-based tools to manage parts of its network, which only further complicated its data management processes.

While GFK tried to find a solution to manage devices from multiple vendors, it came across OpManager, finding that it fit all of the organization’s requirements like a glove. With its multi-vendor capabilities, OpManager helps GFK manage the network performance of devices from different vendors and played a key role in reducing the money spent on multiple tools.

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Here’s how GFK leveraged OpManager’s integrated NPM functionalities

GFK utilized OpManager’s unified approach to scale and manage its distributed IT infrastructure and reaped the benefits. OpManager’s advanced fault and performance management function helped solve several performance issues across critical IT resources like firewalls, routers, and switches.

Moreover, OpManager helped GFK’s network operators set alerts for when a service or health check counter on a device exceeds or goes below a certain limit. OpManager’s alerting mechanism has proven effective in identifying the root cause of problems and fixing them before end users are affected.

The added advantages

GFK also uses NetFlow Analyzer and Network Configuration Manager as add-ons to OpManager. The NetFlow Analyzer add-on gives GFK complete visibility into bandwidth consumption and traffic details across apps, devices, interfaces, and IPs. The Network Configuration Manager add-on helps trigger configuration backups, manage changes, audit compliance, and automate repetitive tasks using configlets.

OpManager turned out to be the complete package for GFK, which is now a happy ManageEngine customer.

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