Don’t worry, be crappy.

OpManager | January 10, 2006 | 1 min read

Guy’s post titled The Art Of Innovation talks about the truths of innovation. I liked this point 2 in particular and i believe it is the case with all 1.0 versions of software in general.

Picking the right set of features that get into 1.0 is the toughest job for any product manager. It’s like a triangle with quality, features, and time on the three vertices. You can’t stretch any one away independently without affecting the other two. The more desperate you are to get into the market the more the quality takes a hit.

Don’t worry, be crappy.An innovator doesn’t worry about shipping an innovative product with elements of crappiness if it’s truly innovative. The first permutation of a innovation is seldom perfect–Macintosh, for example, didn’t have software (thanks to me), a hard disk (it wouldn’t matter with no software anyway), slots, and color. If a company waits–for example, the engineers convince management to add more features–until everything is perfect, it will never ship, and the market will pass it by.