Firewall Analyzer's fall winter bundle on way!!

Jingle bells are ringing on SIEM clouds!!

We have taken up support for Netflow logs on Firewall Analyzer, with more features on this bundle, probably a Christmas or a New year gift from Manage Engine shop.

For instance, a device’s …

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Webinar series on Best Practices in Facilities Management

Welcome all,

Facilities Management Best Practices Webinar Series

The Webinar Series is all set to provide you with invaluable information on Facility & Infrastructure Management trends and best practices. You’ll also understand the savings in time and money that you …

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More insight on CMMS solution

Dear Readers,

CMMS Global a general body whose interest is to offer insight about CMMS solution to people who seek relevant information and are interested in deploying a suitable system in order to manage their facilities and assets.

They have …

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WWF-Malaysia talks about FacilitiesDesk

Hello all,

We are happy to share with you the case study and testimonial of WWF Malaysia.

PDF format:

WWF – Malaysia automates support operations to achieve improved performance in tracking assets dynamically, managing asset maintenance with FacilitiesDesk.


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PDA Integration

Dear Users,

In our release FacilitiesDesk 5.7 Release you came across the PDA integration feature in brief.

In this post you will get to know the value and benefit PDA or Handheld device integration offered in FacilitiesDesk 5.7 in detail

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FacilitiesDesk ServicePack 5.7 Released

Here we have for you some interesting new features in our FacilitiesDesk ServicePack 5.7 Release:

  • PDA integration: Integration of FacilitiesDesk with Mobile client or handheld devices like iPhone or Blackberry

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What’z expected out of Facility Managers?

cut costs but add value simultaneously

What does top management expect from Facility Managers during recession?

If this recession goes on like this the senior management will want facility managers to cut costs and add value simultaneously.

The trick to doing that is to focus on …

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FacilitiesDesk Partner Program

FacilitiesDesk MarketPlace

We aim to offer the finest solutions with services to clients all over the globe. FacilitiesDesk believes that novel solutions, superior technologies and strong partners are the key elements for client satisfaction. That is why we are always …

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Visibility is the key in Facilities Management

Facility Manager: There are new set of staffs joining today! Gosh! I don’t have Floor plan’s CAD drawings to use FaciltiesDesk’s AutoCAD function…the listed information about vacant space will not give me enough visibility to decide….


FacilitiesDesk: Come on don’t

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