In the network perimeter security environment, Firewall devices play a pro-active role. The whole of traffic external to the network, passing through the device, is governed by set of Firewall policies or Access Control List (ACL). You need to consider the control of flow of traffic through the device. The usage of the Firewall policies provides a fair idea of the traffic. If you you are able to ascertain which are the most used policies and unused policies, you can visualize the pattern of the traffic. Based on this, you can fine tune the policies to control the traffic more effectively.

But manual analysis of the Firewall policy would be a pain for a network administrator. The mundane work also consumes considerable amount of time of the administrator. To address this, we have provided a solution in a single click. In its recent release, ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer 5 allows you to find out the Firewall policies usage accurately. It displays the number events resulting from triggering of a particular policy. More importantly, it lets you know the Firewall policies which were seldom used. This information enables you to manage the unused policies effectively by removing or modifying them. The most used policies  provide a picture of what is happening at your Firewall. You can further investigate the over usage of a particular policy. The analysis can provide insight into the unnecessary or redundant policies arising out of more than one administrator working on the same set of policies.

Want to see all these in action, try ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer 5. It is available free for 30 days trial. Download  the application here.