SupportCenterPlus – Customer Support Software is out!

SupportCenter Plus is out. SupportCenter Plus , customer support software from the makers of ServiceDesk Plus. You will have the same ease of use, simple and powerful features that will help you get your job done(actually job well done)

You …

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IT pros recommend ServiceDesk Plus

There is a discussion going on in the ‘TechRepublic Discussion Center’ under the Infrastructure Management Category. The discussion thread called Top 5 or 10 Desktop Management Tools, was started by a techrepublic member. Its about the tools being used by …

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ServiceDesk Plus consultants in demand!!

Just stumbled upon this job offer on the web – Experienced ServiceDesk Plus consultants wanted for a ServiceDesk Plus implementation.

This is great news. It just goes to show that ServiceDesk Plus is climbing the popularity charts. 😀 As more …

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Do you really believe in Comparison Sheets

Missed a few days on my blog, I was catching up with a few customers in person, on the phone and over email. It was great to understand different needs and requirements.

“Can you give me a comparison sheet with …

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Let’s Link Up

Do you have an IT-related Blog, let’s link up.

I am hoping that this will help everyone of us.

– If you are Help Desk Staff / Admin, you can understand how other Help Desk Staff / Admin around the …

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Welcome Back

First day at work after getting back from a refreshing holiday is great

– The office seems clean and new

– Everybody is in a great mood

– Loads of SPAM mails eating the mail box space

– Fingers are …

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Santa’s Help Desk


As the Holidays are nearing team members are taking off on their holidays. You might find support to be less responsive in a couple of days. Be assured that you will have someone to assist you, if you …

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Pheeew.. Upgrade Pack is out atlast

Pheew.. finally Upgrade Pack is out.


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Where is the Upgrade Pack?

We feel your pain, as most you feel let down because the product release was delayed earlier and now the Upgrade Pack simply seems slipping dates again.

Two questions have been haunting us

– Why do you promise a release …

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