This final blog post from our ITAM best practice series will show you how to continuously improve your ITAM process. The goal is to keep asset information up to date and identify key areas of improvement.

To continually improve, you need to keep refreshing your asset database and CMDB regularly with different scan techniques. You can also automatically schedule scans to track changes to the IT asset database. Broadly, these changes would mean additions, modifications, and deletions to the asset database.

Changes to asset database

Activities such as…

  • New purchases

  • Newly leased equipment

  • Assets scanned from a newly acquired facility

  • Mobile devices scanned under BYOD policy

…would require you to make new additions to the asset database.

Activities such as…

  • Re-assigning workstations to new users

  • Assets sent to repair

  • Installation or uninstallation of existing software

  • Allocation of licenses

…would require making modifications to the existing asset details.

Activities such as…

  • Depreciated assets

  • Disposed assets

  • Expired licenses

…would require you to delete entries from the asset database.

You need to check for continual improvement by creating a checklist of systematic activities that need to be performed. You should also review your ITAM process results with benchmarks for past data. This would be a good opportunity to take stock and identify areas of improvement.

This concludes the blog series. The seven IT asset management best practices discussed so far cover most aspects of an ITAM process, right from detecting your assets and integrating ITAM with other ITIL processes to improving ITAM on a continual basis. You need to identify a tool that will help you accomplish your ITAM objectives effectively. But, today’s ITSM market is overloaded with IT asset management tools, which make your selection process more complicated. You need to look out for those unique advantages and out of the box features that some tools offer to gain an edge over your business competitors. If you are looking for an IT service desk solution with built-in ITAM capabilities, we encourage you to check out ServiceDesk Plus.