I know many of you would already have a separate project management tool for managing your IT and would have jumped to the conclusion that you don’t really see the need for a Project Management module in a help desk. First things first! The Project Management module in IT might not seem any different from the regular tool already existing in your setup, but certainly comes with its merits: The advantage of a value-added integration to your help desk makes a world of difference in the way you handle your IT.  Let’s see how.

Configuring and setting up an ITIL environment is an enormous task with many hurdles that includes people, processes, third-party tools and various other factors. Having a separate Project Management Module and Process is like having an override switch (Project) over your IT processes. Every time the override happens, you will yet again be stuck doing the dirty work of cleaning up the redundant mess created by this override. So let me first explain the advantages of having a Project Management Module in IT Helpdesk:

  • You don’t have to juggle with multiple tools to handle your IT and IT-related projects separately
  • You can get much clearer visibility into the purpose of each project with Incident/Problem/Change & CMDB integrations
  • You can plan projects with IT technicians who have already been categorized based on their roles & responsibilities
  • Avoid disasters by planning every project with proper impact analysis obtained from Service Management Processes

Instead of seeing it as yet another tool with the same functionalities, you should look at it as a tool that gives you the added advantage of seamless integration. A parallel can be drawn between having a large screen TV in your living room and having a small screen TV in your car. The larger TV obviously serves a specific purpose and has been designed with that purpose in mind while the TV in the car provides you with a viewing experience that is comfortable while traveling. Thoughtful, right?

So try implementing Project Management in your IT setup and take it from me, you will definitely see the integrated value in it.

  1. Oswaldo Aguilar Arnao

    El cliente Cineplanet esta solicitando la implementacion del modulo Project Management, yo implemnet el SD Plus, favor su apoyo.

  2. Dan

    The only thing holding us back from using it is that you cannot import a microsoft project file into ManageEngine. A project that could take an hour to create in MS Project would take five hours in ManageEngine.

    • Gerardo Varillas

      I’m agree with Dan, you should release that feature soon.

      • Dave

        Agreed! I just manually imported a project plan and it took me about 5 hours.