ServiceDesk Plus Ad in SupportWorld

ServiceDesk Plus Ad in SupportWorld, Yes that’s what kept me from blogging. This is the first time we are doing a print Ad for ServiceDesk Plus.

From all the comments and all the feedback, one value clearly stood out clear.…

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Get SDP Database Into Great Shape

Just like one of those classic weight gain problems. We found that a few customer ServiceDesk Plus databases have taken in all the junk emails (food) such as Out of Office replies, mailer-daemons, and acknowledgement mails. And just like one …

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Reporting Live on ServiceDesk Plus Release 5500

ServiceDesk Plus 5500 was actually released on the 4th of July, quite a memorable date right!

ServiceDesk Plus Reports are enhanced to a great extent



– Custom Report Wizard

– Query reports

– Scheduled reports.

– More reports. …

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A Snap Test for your IT Help Desk Staff

– Are your IT Help Desk Staff informed on the latest developments in the industry

– Are your new support staff guided on an continous learning path

– Do you know what are your team’s key strength and weakness?

More …

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What Next? Italian or Brazilian Portuguese or…

After our localized release of SDP, the first ones to hit us (with lot of mails and posts) were our Italian Prospects (fans) saying “You should have done an Italian version too”.

From the comments to my previous blog

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SDP speaks Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Swedish…

…Japanese, and Chinese.

Yes, we have released ServiceDesk Plus in 7 languages..

more language support is going to follow.

Now you can extend the ServiceDesk Plus experience to your local users. Before you start taking it for a ride, …

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Interop, Las Vegas 2006

I know that I left you in the dark for quite sometime, sorry about that. Hey, but wait I have a good excuse – I was out there at the Interop show, Las Vegas. Interop and the casinos at Vegas …

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Automate Dispatch and Relax

Happy Easter / Happy long weekend – take whatever suits you 8) .

Getting back from a long weekend can charge you up, but most of the times, the backlog of mails and requests kills the day.

Help Desk Analyst …

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Automating ServiceDesk Plus DB backups

The importance of having all your information accessable is already sold. This saves me time as I need not explain the importance of backing up all your requests and related info.

I see a few customers taking backups only when …

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