There are very few things we purchase without testing first: we run to fitting rooms with hangers full of clothes in a quest to find the perfect pair of jeans, we take various cars for spins before finally deciding on “the one,” and we even read countless reviews of a restaurant before going out to be sure the quality of the food fits our needs.

Image courtesy: Honda

Image courtesy: Honda

Finding the perfect applications for your company, and determining how well updates to them will work, might also turn into a kind of odyssey. Updates to applications are significant  because  they can affect the functioning of the application and can save the systems from vulnerabilities. A successful installation of patches could help the systems get rid of vulnerabilities and save them from attackers. IT administrators have to ensure that systems are up to date, and that all patches have been installed.

Sometimes, though, patches may not install successfully, or will even cause breakages in the functioning of the software application. This makes the administrator’s job tougher, as they might have to repair all damaged software if the issue is patch breakages, or in the case of failing of patches at all systems, redeploy the patches.

To solve this problem for our customers, we’ve introduced test group deployment in Automatic Patch Deployment (APD) of Desktop Central. Using this feature, administrators can test the patches on a small group of test computers before deploying them to the whole network. Since APD helps automate the patch deployment function for administrators, they can also automate the testing of the patches on the test groups. This testing can be performed for patches of specific applications, or for all patches, and the deployment will be done automatically (after the set time frame by the customer) if the patch installation was successful in the test group. Hence, the whole patch management workflow will become completely automated–from testing on a group, to installation of the patch over the entire network.

So make sure you try before you buy to find what’s best for you. Automatically test your patches with Desktop Central.

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