Congrats Lotus F1 Team for winning the Australian Grand Prix

The road to victory is never easy.

Taking a treacherous path with grit powers one to the mantle of success.

It also requires one to take the most correct decisions at the most correct moment and as far as their IT needs are concerned, they did!

We proudly congratulate the Lotus F1 team, that places great faith in us for their IT needs, for their victory in the Australian GP.

Here is what they have to say about us:

Lotus F1 Team Ltd. places great faith in the analytical reporting service offered by ManageEngine, its simplicity of use and simple GUI are also a unique benefit offered by their services. We would highly recommend this product to any other fast paced forward thinking business.

We strive to continue offering our level of support and power you to many more victories to come.

Looking forward to a long ride ahead!

Best wishes from the NetFlow Analyzer team!

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