Network security webinar

With remote work quickly becoming the new norm, the business landscape is facing an entirely new set of challenges. Organizations are scrambling to steer clear of the unprecedented roadblocks that remote work has brought about. The work-from-home policies intended to maintain business continuity have resulted in bottlenecks affecting network performance, configuration, and security.

Organizations’ networks are complicated by nature, and remote work only complicates things further by placing enormous pressure on a business’s IT infrastructure. Effectively enabling a remote workforce requires additional IT infrastructure, rampant deployment of configurations, and fortification of network components to ward off security breaches and ransomware attacks, all of which can be a handful for organizations to deal with.

Don’t  worry, our subject matter experts have you covered! 

Join our webinar to learn how to detect and overcome the diverse set of challenges brought about by the transition to remote work, and better support your remote workforce.

Our subject matter experts will walk you through the details on how to identify newly surfaced network faults in remote work environments, combat threats, and fix security vulnerabilities in order to better enable your remote workforce.

Our experts will talk about:

  • Changes in HIPAA regulations, and what it means for your business

  • Impact on PCI compliance when devices are offsite

  • How firmware vulnerabilities can lead to attacks and ransomware

  • How to identify rogue users in your network

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us, and learn how to better manage your IT infrastructure, and up your game to stay ahead of the curve.

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Date: July 22, 2020 | Time: 11am EDT | 6am GMT