The cloud and the silver lining: The relevance of IT admins

Just as writing has come to mean texting, blogging or any form of digital writing, the cloud today means one or all of the three Cs: computing, connectivity and communication. And just as nearly all thought to putting pen to

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Protective, GPG13-Compliant Monitoring Using EventLog Analyzer

The journey to a thousand IT problems begins with a single compliance lapse. Yes, this is the first time you are hearing it! So, tell us how often you’ve walked straight into trouble because you underestimated the importance of

EventLogAnalyzer 3 min read

Worrying Doesn’t Keep IT Problems Away. Good Tools Do!

Free tools to quickly troubleshoot your way and stay on top of IT

Love them or hate them, but you cannot ignore them. Surprises, pleasant or otherwise, are a way of life for a sysadmin. The degree of surprise

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Got WiFi? Free App Helps You Meet Basic User Need

Did you hear the one about the teacher who asks a group of students to name something they need but can’t see or feel? The hip-hop loving, smart-gadgets sporting, what’s-apping generation answer in unison, “WiFi.” Increasingly, WiFi is becoming indispensable …

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Integrated Physical & Virtual Servers Management

A recent study on what business enterprises expect from a performance management system, has shown that of IT professionals are looking for a solution that offers integrated performance management of both, the physical and the virtual IT infrastructure.

With more …

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Uninterrupted Enterprise Network Monitoring

Much has been said and written about how important it is for networks to be highly available and how critical it is for a business, given the pace at which an enterprise network grows, and how the dynamics keep evolving …

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What to monitor on IBM BladeCenter H Series?

Blade Servers are now an integral part of infrastructure in a datacenter. The demand for space and power are ever on the increase and the choice to switch to an alternative technology that ropes in all these benefits is but …

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Year 2010 – A quick roundup

It has been an exciting year at the OpManager bay. With a couple of awards to its credit, OpManager is all set for the next major release in the new year to come. We would like to take this opportunity …

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Smart Network Monitoring

opmanager-iphone gui
Create your own Toon

Go shopping, catch your favorite game of Football, party hard, or simply chill out this Thanksgiving..

With OpManager SmartPhone GUI, manage IT from anywhere, anytime. Check out the iPhone GUI:

Happy Thanksgiving!

OpManager Team

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When to define a new Device Template?

The device templates in OpManager contain predefined rules based on which a device is categorized and relevant monitors are associated soon after discovery. The ability to define custom templates for new device types or modify an existing template to accommodate …

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