Bharani Kumar graduated with a masters degree in Business Management from Mardras University and began his career working as a marketing analyst for a router manufacturing company in Chennai, India. He joined Zoho Corporation in 2008 as a marketing analyst and is currently involved in various marketing activities of ManageEngine - enterprise IT management software company.

ManageEngine wins Network Management Vendor of the Year in ICT Champion Awards 2017


It’s time to celebrate another ManageEngine OpManager victory! This year, ManageEngine won The Integrator‘s fifth annual ICT Champion Award for Network Management Vendor of the Year thanks to our integrated network management solution. Not only that,

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Four Things to Consider When Making Your Enterprise Network Mobile Ready

Making enterprise network mobile ready

Mobile-device adoption for day-to-day business activities has been on the rise thanks to BYOD, smartphone proliferation and high-speed wireless networks. According to ABI Research, the number of active wireless connected devices is expected to grow from 13 billion in …

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Achieving Data Center Agility With Converged Infrastructure


Most enterprises rely on their data centers to offer services to internal and external users. Important concerns for any data center today include the following:

  • Faster provisioning of new services to meet sudden business demands
  • Scaling existing services without affecting

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Attend Our Webinar; Improve Your Data Center Efficiency and Streamline ​Business Services Delivery

data center management webinar

Delivering business-critical services to end users without any disruption or degradation in the quality or speed can be quite a challenge. The underlying  network and server layers must be in top shape, because  any performance degradation, fault, or attack

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Industry Outlook: Data Center Documentation

This article was originally published in the Data Center Journal.

This week, Industry Outlook asks Bharani Kumar Kulasekaran about the demands of data center documentation and visualization and the advantages of doing it right. Bharani is the marketing manager

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Improve Your IT Productivity with OpManager’s New Fluidic UI

OpManager's Fluidic UI

Today, enterprises handle 10 times more alarms than they did a decade ago. At $70,000 a year, a systems administrator costs $35 per hour. A 10-member IT team could save $875,000 over 5 years if the user interface for their …

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4 Tips to Consolidate Your Data Center

Data center consolidation helps you effectively utilize your resources to meet growing business needs, without increasing the data center’s footprint. However, consolidating a data center’s resources is a difficult process, because large enterprises expand their data centers constantly to meet …

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Manage Your IT While on the Move!

The crucial challenge in managing your IT is always staying connected  — anytime, anywhere . Being connected ensures that you can troubleshoot any problem immediately, in real time.   The new iPad app from OpManager lets you do just that. Using …

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Where the cloud touches down: Simplifying DCIM

DCIM Webinar

In most data centers, DCIM rests on shaky ground: manual record keeping and scattered documentation. Data center managers maintain–and wade through–wikis, spreadsheets, text files, and un-integrated freeware tools and databases just to find two things: What is that we manage?

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EMA puts OpManager in catbird seat against a morass of expensive & complex tools from Big4!

EMA impact brief on OpManager

ManageEngine introduced huge enhancements to OpManager recently making it the industry’s most cost-efficiently scalable network management platform. This caught the attention of EMA, the leading industry analyst and consulting firm. Impressed by the enhancements, EMA’s vice president Dennis Drogseth published …

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