A few weeks ago, we had discussed enabling network availability check in Applications Manager to reduce false alarms. Today we will take a look into a similar option that can be used to cut down false alarms – the URL availability check.

There may be occasions where the system in which you have installed Applications Manager gets isolated from the network. Or sometimes you may forget to configure the external proxy settings in Applications Manager. Now when this happens, all your website monitors will be shown as ‘down’ as Applications Manager will be unable to contact the websites.

To avoid situations like this and the resultant false alarms, it is better to enable the url availability check. When this feature is enabled, Applications Manager will check for the availability of a reference url before sending alarms for website downtime.

The reference url that you provide can be a very popular website that is up almost all the time, say google.com.  If Applications Manager finds the reference url to be down, it means you have a network problem in your LAN. It could be due to a problem with your ISP or your web proxy server. In this case, Applications Manager will not send out the down alerts for your website monitors. If the reference url is up, Applications Manager will send out down notifications for your website monitors as usual as it is now clear the problem is with your website and not your network.

The URL availability check option is available under the Admin->Availability Settings section. To learn more about similar tips and tricks in Applications Manager, refer our best practices guide.

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  1. Pakphong

    If it is the case that the system in which we have installed Applications Manager gets isolated from the network. How the Application Manager can send the email to alert us that the configured URL is down? Is it possible to send the alert via SMS instead?