No one likes to micromanage, but everyone dislikes when a user ignores a critical email. If an email is sent informing the user that their password is going to expire and they ignore it, their password will expire. When a user’s password expires, well you know, they can no longer perform their work. Managers often want to know when a user failed to perform the correct computer password update, so they can themselves take action.

To that end, some mechanism must be implemented so that managers are kept in the loop when users are notified of their looming expiring passwords. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not provide this functionality, even with PowerShell. However, ManageEngines’ ADSelfService Plus can not only email and SMS users that their password isexpiring, but their configured managers can also be kept informed of such communications. Figure 1 illustrates how managers can be informed.

Figure 1. ADSelfService Plus can send delivery status updates to the users’ manager.

Using ADSelfService Plus, managers can stay informed of important user tasks, including updating their passwords before they expire. If you want to give this feature a try, you can download ADSelfService Plus here.

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