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Forget prolonged text chats. Improve SLA resolution times with enhanced troubleshooting tools 

Digital communication has seen some major developments in the last few years. Moving from basic SMS to apps like WhatsApp and Instagram Stories, complicated text-based platforms have been replaced with tools that feature simple, icon-driven 

Desktop Central 2 min read

Head on down 7th Avenue for ManageEngine’s New York User Conference

“I’m gonna make a brand new start of it, in old New York.”

Frank Sinatra, “New York, New York”

Frankie was right about New York being the place for new beginnings. That’s why we’re bringing IT that

ManageEngine 2 min read

Approval workflow: Supervise self-service in Active Directory

Are you comfortable giving end users the power to update their own information in Active Directory? Definitely not! 

Are you willing to take on the responsibility of updating user information and managing users’ passwordsNot only is 

Active Directory 1 min read

The case for incident management in a SIEM system

Log360‘s latest incident management system is the perfect bridge between your incident detection and response processes. The feature comes in handy for security administrators and the various agents who investigate and resolve security issues.

Imagine you’re the security administrator …

Log360 2 min read

XData and SambaCry add to the whopping number of data breaches this year

Weeks after WannaCry appeared center stage, networks around the world are still being bombarded with clusters of cyber threats including Adlykuzz and EternalRocks. But is that all? Nope. Two more threats, XData and SamabaCry are already doubling

Desktop Central 2 min read

Fireball—the zombie apocalypse for internet browsers

If a zombie apocalypse looks like hordes of the undead eating human flesh, a browser zombie apocalypse looks like computer screens around the world getting flooded with unwanted browser ads. And according to Check Point Software Technologies, the browser zombie

Desktop Central 3 min read

Webinar: Spearhead business innovation from your IT service desk

servicedesk plus innovation webinara

We can’t deny the fact that innovation is continuously changing the way we live our lives and how we run our businesses. But how often do you witness innovation in your IT service desk? While innovative technologies are easier to …

ServiceDesk Plus 2 min read

Log management and SIEM fundamentals: Searching through logs and responding to incidents

Understanding what happened in a security incident and trying to analyze the root cause of an attack is like looking for a needle in a haystack. What would you do if you were faced with a security incident in your

IT Security 3 min read

ServiceNow+Desktop Central: Integration that delivers better IT services

ServiceNow & Desktop Central integration

Just imagine how efficient your ServiceNow help desk would be if it could do more than just handle tickets! What if it could perform endpoint management and security operations—such as patch management, software deployment, and asset management—right from your help …

Desktop & Mobile 1 min read